Best way to learn SQL

What is the Best way to learn SQL Step by step ?

Best way to learn SQL :

In my previous articles i have given the ideas about the different SQL commands, complex sql queries as well. In this article I will try to explain the best way to learn SQL.SQL is Structured Query Language which is used by most of the database management systems. I got so many comments on blogs about learning SQL and what will be the best way to learn SQL.I would like to explain the best way to learn SQL in this article. The fresher or the experienced person can learn SQL in simple steps. SQL is simple to learn and most user-friendly language as compare to other programming languages like java or C. In this article I would like to give you some important tips to learn SQL.

Before Start – What is SQL? :

Before starting the tips on best way to learn SQL We need to know more about SQL. If someone wants to look to advance the career in Databases the best skill is SQL.

In today’s world of Big data, to become proficient in SQL skills proves that one can work on not only developing the applications but also the analyzing the data.

I would like to give you some bullet-points which explains about What is SQL and how it is used?

1.SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is language used for processing data in most of the key database management systems.

2.The Top database management systems uses SQL as programming language to manage and process the data.

Examples :

Oracle ,Microsoft SQL Server,MySQL,postgresql

3.SQL is used to maintain the relationship between multiple tables.It is also called as Relational Database Management System(RDBMS).

4.Since 1970 we are using SQL as a database management language and it is not going anywhere.So learning SQL is always the best thing to every programmer.The front end developer also uses their SQL skills to add ad-on to their resume.

5.The SQL is very important and easy to learn technical skill which will definitely helpful to the software engineers.

6.Now a days most of business analysts also learning the SQL skills to grow their knowledge.

7.SQL is also useful to create interactive reports. User needs to create the complex sql query to create the report.

8. SQL is everywhere from complex queries used in analytical reporting to the simple queries which will support the end user by fetching the information from tables.

9.SQL is called as universal database management programming language which is helpful for learning other computer programming languages like java and python as well.

10.As I already told you that SQL is universal programming language all the resources are easily available for learning.

Tips for Best way to Learn SQL :

In above section i have given you the introduction of SQL.In this section i want to give you the tips for best way to learn SQL. I will include some real life technical examples in it so that user will get the idea about the same. According to me the best way to learn SQL is to do various type of real world examples and hands on with the same. Anyone can learn SQL as SQL is very user-friendly and easiest language to learn.Following are some important Tips for Best way to learn SQL:

Best way to learn SQL

The first step to start learning SQL is start with the basic concepts of SQL. I would like to recommend some books to start with SQL. You can start with books like heads first SQL or SQL in 21 days. The everyone have question in a mind that What are the basic concepts of SQL?

To learn SQL following are  important steps :

Tip 1 : Learn Basic concepts theoretically :

You have to learn the SQL concepts theoretically. You can use different blogs to learn the SQL concepts easily.

Tip 2 : Do the practical of Basic SQL:

Just knowing the things theoretically will not work. User needs to do the concept practically. The best way to learn SQL is to get hands on experience of SQL with using its important concepts.

Tip 3 : Choosing Database Management System:

To start learning with SQL user needs to choose the database management system. This is most important step. There are so many good database management systems and its free versions are also available. Oracle, SQL Server are the most used database management systems.

Tip 4 : Stick with only one blog to learn SQL :

I would suggest you to stick with one blog to learn SQL. If you refer multiple blogs you get confuse about the exact learning.

Tip 5 : Complete basic SQL concepts and Jump to complex SQL Queries :

After choosing the Database Management System user needs to complete the basic SQL concepts and jump to learn complex sql queries. I would like to give you some basic examples of SQL which helps the user to start with SQL (I am using database management system as ‘Oracle’) :

Step 1 :  Create New Database

The first step to start with SQL is to create a new database. In oracle user needs to create a new schema which has some functionality. Lets say if user is working with the Banking domain.

Query to create new database :

Create database database_name;

Example :

Create database Db_Bank;

The above query will create the Db_Bank database on oracle server.

Step 2 :  Create new tables in database

The second step is to create new table in database.You can learn different ways to create the new tables in database. I will just give here the simple syntax of creating table:

Query to create new table:

Create table tablename

(column1_1 datatype(Size),

column2_2 datatype(Size),


columnn_n datatype(Size));

Step 3: Learn the concept of Constraints

The constraints are really very important if user wants to make relations between different tables.

Step 4 : Learn different Insert statements

The next step is to learn simple sql is to learn different insert statement. I will give you simple syntax here but user can learn this by clicking this link: Insert statement

Step 5 : Learn how to update in to SQL using Update statement :

The next step to learn sql is to learn about different update statements and what is best way to update in to SQL.

Step 6 : Learn Complex SQL Queries :

After learning the simple SQL concept user needs to go for complex sql queries.These complex sql queries are very useful in day to day industry life.

Tip 6 : Learn Advanced SQL :

After learning the basic concepts its time to learn the Advanced SQL. After learning the complex sql queries learn the advanced sql concepts like indexing in sql,partitioning in sql.

Tip 7 : Go for Certification :

After learning all the concepts of SQL thoroughly go for SQL certification.

Tip 8 :Do Small projects

Start doing small projects on SQL with using the Upwork or freelancer platform.

These are some important points to learn the SQL. These are steps which gives you idea about the best way to learn SQL. Hope this article is useful for you. If you like the article on best way to learn SQL or if you have some suggestions with the same kindly comment it in to comment section.

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  1. Hey nice article, you have mention all the different points for learning the SQL process. I love your 3 and 4 point that you have mention. Thanks so much fro sharing such a nice article.

  2. Hello Mr.Amit! My name is Ayushiyer from Bangalore. My brother was insisting me to look for some useful SQL basic tutorial article. While searching online I came across your article which has a wonderful introduction about SQL. I knew only that SQL is Structured Query Language it is used by most of the database management systems. But your article gave me an insight about SQL in details. In the “Tips for Best way to Learn SQL” section, I completely agree with your 4th point. If we refer to multiple blogs we will definitely be confusing ourselves. Thank you for your comprehensive article I will suggest the same to my brother.

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