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    Lets start with SQL Tutorials,1.SQL is Structured Query Language, which is a computer language for storing, manipulating and retrieving data stored in relational database.

    2.SQL is the standard language for Relation Database System. All relational database management systems like MySQL, MS Access, Oracle, Sybase, Informix and SQL Server use SQL as standard database language.

    3.SQL (Structured Query Language) is a language used to access data from the database. The SQL is used for doing various database operations like creating database objects, manipulating data in the database and controlling access to the data.


  • Why SQL?
    • Allows users to access data in relational database management systems.
    • Allows users to define the data in database and manipulate that data.
    • Allows users to create and drop databases and tables.
    • Allows users to create view, stored procedure, functions in a database.
    • Allows users to set permissions on tables, procedures, and views.

    Hope this Article will give you idea of what exactly SQL is and why SQL is most important database management system.

    So Here i am starting the tutorials on very hot topics on SQL which is really helpful in our day to day working or helpful for students for there studies and vivas.The following are the hot topics of sql.Please click on the link to get the content of that topic:

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  • Joins in SQL(Inner Join/Outer Join)
  • Views in SQL
  • Materialized View in SQL
  • SQL Performance Tuning (Basic)
  • ROWID in SQL