Microsoft SQL

  • History of Microsoft SQL Server:

Microsoft SQL is very widely used database management system throughout the world to create not only stand-alone software but also distributed web applications.The history of Microsoft sql server begins with the first version of Microsoft sql server which is SQL Server 1.0 which has been built for IBM/OS2 Operating system in 1989.We are using the extended versions of Microsoft SQL Server 1.0 now a days.I am not going through each and every version of SQL server;rather i will explain the milestones of MS SQL versions in the history.

Microsoft has created MS Server Database Management System with the help of Ashton-Tate and Sybase Software companies

  • Major Milestones Of MS SQL Server:
  • SQL Server 1.0 -1989
  • SQL Server 7.0 -Which has been changed from Sybase ┬ácode which has written in C to C++
  • SQL Server 2000- Several modifications done and given the ETL tool SSIS,Reporting tool SSRS,Data Mining Services
  • SQL Server 2005- CLR(Common Language Runtime) and MVCC(Multiversion Concurancy Control) Support
  • SQL Server 2008-Self Tuning mechanism
  • SQL Server 2008 R2-Powerpivot,Excel,Sharepoint features added
  • SQL Server 2016-Latest Version of SQL Server


  • Advantages Of SQL Server:

1.High Speed

2.Large data volume

3.Low code apporach

4.Concurency control mechanism

5.Easy Tuning

6.Easy Reporting and Analytics facility


“So Are you ready to start learning SQL Server???”

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