What is Business Intelligence (BI)?

The term Business Intelligence (BI) provides the user with the data and tool to answer the questions which are important to run the business or part of business.In short,the business intelligence is used for reporting the specified data of any business which is very important and using which  the higher management of the business will take the decisions for growth of business.Business Intelligence (BI) is used to take following organization level decisions:

  1. BI is used to determine whether the business is running as per plan
  2. BI is used to identify which things are going wrong
  3. BI is used to take and monitor corrective actions
  4. BI is used to identify the trends.

Business Intelligence basically analyses the data coming from different sources of database which is related to business and convert this data in to meaningful report so that higher management will get the idea of business.

Following are some Benefits of Business Intelligence :

1.Improving Decision Making

2. Accelerate Decision Making

3.Optimizing internal business process

4.Increase Operational Efficiency

5.Driving new revenues

6.Gaining competitive advantages over competitors

BI data can be historical as well as new data coming from different sources.The  main purpose of BI is to improve the strategic as well as tactical decisions making process.Basically to create the BI reports there are so many BI tools used like  COGNOS,OBIEE etc.Data analysts or IT professionals uses these different BI tools to collect strategical and tactical data.Business Intelligence term comes from the analysis and to create BI reports we need to analyse the data and convert that data into proper manner and proper fashion so that it is used for taking decisions .
Business Intelligence

Following are some basic Real life examples of BI :

Suppose we have one Sales Business,the Higher managements wants to know,

1.Showing the sales of business each district each month

2.Showing average sales amount this quarter

3.Showing average sales amount last five quarters

4.Showing highest rank product and lowest rank product with is sale.

These are some examples  of business intelligence.User needs to create report using different conditions and different BI tools to analyse the data specified above.User will be able to give the same information in different formats using BI tools whether it is simple report format or graphs or charts also.In this section we will  learn OBIEE tutorials.

Click on Topic You want to learn:

  1. History of SQL
  2. SQL Create Table(DDL in SQL)
  4. SQL Select Statement Execution
  5. Operators in SQL
  6. Views in SQL
  7. Materialized View in SQL
  8. Joins in SQL
  9. Inner Join / Outer Join
  10. Full Outer Join / Cartesian Join
  11. Union and Union ALL
  12. Intersect and Minus
  13. Indexing in SQL
  14. Rank and Dense Rank
  15. SubQueries and Correlated Subqueries
  16. Parser and Optimizer
  17. Oracle 11 G new Features
  18. SQL Functions List
  19. Constraints in SQL
  20. Database Normalization
  21. Table Partitioning
  22. Pivot in SQL
  23. Difference Between Truncate,Delete and drop
  24. Oracle System Tables

Unix Tutorials :

1.What is unix?

2.Basic unix commands

3.File Commands in unix

4.Create File in Unix using multiple ways

5.Cat Command

6.Touch Command

7.Mkdir command

8.rmdir Command

9.pwd command

10.Cd Command

11.cut Command

12.paste Command Command

14.Cp Command

15.wc command

16.cmp command

17.Rm Command

18.Grep Command

19.Egrep Command

20.FGrep Command