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Now a days Business Intelligence is vastly growing and demanding field in Information Technology industry.Business Intelligence is nothing but the technology of data analysis with using which user can check the history and present of the business with different analytics trends.This category of BI Tutorials helps the user to understand the concept of BI i.e. Business Intelligence.BI Tutorials category will help different set of users to understand the concepts of Business Intelligence and Data warehouse.

There is always need to analyse the historical data as well as current data. This analysis will be done in Business Intelligence concepts.All the historical as well as current data will be stored in data warehouse.With BI Tutorials you will be able to find out different interview questions related to  Business Intelligence with its proper answers in this category.So this category will be helpful to all the users as well as professionals to understand BI concepts with real life examples.

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ETL Definition | Extract Transform and Load Simple Examples

ETL Definition : In my previous articles i have explained about the different Business Analytics concepts. In this article i would like to explain about ETL Definition and ETL process in brief.If you see that in real world the person always deals with different type of data. There …

Business Intelligence Definition | Business Intelligence Examples

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Dimensional Data Modeling | Dimensional modeling with Simple steps

Dimensional Data Modeling : I have written the articles on data modeling in OBIEE  which will give you the information about the data modeling techniques used in OBIEE. This article will give you idea about the Dimensional Data Modeling in Business Intelligence.Dimensional Data Modeling is nothing but database design technique …