What are best BI Reporting Tools in 2023 ?

In my previous article i have given the concept of Business Intelligence. In this article i would like to give you 20 Best BI Reporting Tools. The article gives you idea about top best BI reporting Tools in 2023. It should help the user to compare tools as well as you can use it to display information in infographics and data visualization. After comparing it user will find the best tool to design the business intelligence solution. As you all know that the business intelligence is used to analyze the data from multiple heterogeneous solutions and give the best solution to grow the business. Microsoft Power BI Pro loaded on a azure windows virtual desktop can be one of the best business analytics combo from Microsoft which provides interactive visualizations through simple interface for end-users to create their own reports and dashboards. The Business Intelligence helps organization higher management to take the decision by analyzing the data statistically. Kindly check the following reporting tools :

best BI Reporting Tools in 2023 :

1.Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (Old BI Reporting Tools ) :

I would like to start with Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition tool.The key reason i started with this tool is because this tool is good to use for data representation rather than visualization and we have personally handled 4.2 million data with this tool to create the reports.

About tool :

1.The OBIEE is oracle product which gives integrated and end-to-end enterprise performance management system.

2.OBIEE tool is mainly used to represent the data with using complex queries.

3.It is used for Query Integration,Reporting,Analysis,altering and data integration purpose.

Why to use OBIEE?

  1. OBIEE is best reporting tool where user needs to represent the data in reporting format.
  2. User can easily represent the data with using the centralized data models.
  3. Using RPD or Central repository user can design the data models with easy steps.
  4. The Security is most important feature of OBIEE analytics. As User can create different roles user can access the reports with that role,
  5. The OBIEE helps the higher management to securely access and explore the data.
  6. OBIEE can connect directly to more Oracle data sources and big data for analysis of data.
  7. User can improve the performance of the data and reports using OBIEE
  8. OBIEE offers built in functions which will speedup the analysis speed.
  9. OBIEE allows user to create the story for any business
  10. OBIEE allows the mobile platform friendly code without writing a single line code.
  11. OBIEE Query always gives best performance as it starts with ‘With Clause in SQL’
  12. OBIA is part of OBIEE which gives the different Business Models .
  13. OBIA provides the standard reports which has been provided by Oracle.
  14. User can customize OBIA reports as well.

2. Tableau (most popular BI Reporting Tools )

Tableau is second most used and simple tool for visualization purpose.Tableau is mainly used for visualization purpose and creating interactive dashboards.

About Tool :

Tableau is tool which enables organization to connect and visualize the data through the Personal computers as well as ipad. User can create the interactive dashboards. The Tableau provides the facility to publish as well as share it with colleagues and partners.It is very user friendly application and user can build the reports as well as dashboards without the programming language. Tableau can connect with multiple heterogeneous sources.

Why to use Tableau?

In this section i would like to give you the reasons for using Tableau.As i already told you that tableau is visualization tool which is used to create interactive dashboards.

  1. Tableau is one of the best visualization tool using which user can visualize the respective information from database.
  2. Tableau uses simple drag and drop strategy to design the intuitive dashboards. User can easily create dashboards with using tableau.
  3. Tableau is growing and adding new features and functionalities in tool as per current trends.
  4. Tableau provides two versions; one is for 32-bit operating system and other is for 64-bit operating systems.Due to these versions
  5. Tableau provides dashboard to dashboard interaction.It will copy the different dashboard elements and can transfer them to other workbooks.
  6. User will get experience of Single sign on with SAML authentication in tableau.
  7. User can easily connect with so many sources like Oracle,SQL Server or MySQL while working with tableau.
  8. User can connect tableau with any third party application or system.
  9. Using Tableau user can not only view the data on mobile phones but also it will allow you to modify the existing data and view as per your requirement.
  10. Tableau can provide the free version for windows and Mac up to 10 GB capacity.
  11. It is easily and freely available reliable and scalable tool of BI Reporting.
  12. User can easily design the database model as per users reports requirement.

3. Sisence (One of the best BI Reporting Tools)

The Sisence is one of the most important BI Tool which will collate,analyze and view the data. The Sisence tool is popular in higher management to take sound and best business decision by checking different reports in Sisence.

The Sisence uses single dashboard and drag and drop facility to collate all the information in database.User can create different visual reports and it will make process very easy. User can navigate easily and quickly in application.

Why to use Sisense?

BI Reporting Tools in 2023
  1. The Sisense is single tool which helps user to collect,prepare ,organize and analyze data.User does not need to use different application for ETL and reporting.Everything is integrated in One tool.
  2. The Sisense tool will run ad-hoc queries so that user does not need to prepare different data.
  3. Sisense will work on any simple hardware which can manage by anyone.
  4. In other application user needs to create different PL SQL or SQL Scripts .All those data analysis and management operations can be maintained on same system.
  5. Sisense has a different feature than all other tools. In other tools user need to prepare data before it can use in to reporting. Sisence will automatically recognizes data and brings together charts and tables from multiple data sources.
  6. Sisense is very user friendly application and any new user can learn this application and create reports in it easily.
  7. Sisense provide quality performance tuning and it will handle some terabytes of data and thousands of users easily.
  8. Sisense will use effective cache technique of CPU.
  9. Sisense will provide you all the features of other tools like filtering and drill down.
  10. Sisense will provide the API first approach for developers.
  11. Sisense will provide the great customer support and it will test actual data rather than sample data.The Sisense team will solve the issue in 90 minutes.

4.SAP Crystal Reports (SAP BI Reporting Tools ) :

The SAP Crystal Reports will create the the different reports working with different databases to do the proactive analysis of data.User can use multiple heterogeneous data sources and create the reports. The SAP crystal reports provides functionalities like cross-tabs,different formulas and conditional formatting as well as sub-reports for data analysis.

  1. The main feature of SAP Crystal reports is it helps to create report in different languages.The SAP Crystal reports provide facility to create reports in 24 different languages.
  2. SAP Crystal report supports multiple heterogeneous data sources and import data from that data sources in the reporting tool.
  3. SAP Crystal report can provide the detailed and precise report layouts.
  4. User does not need to create the or adjust templates for the reports so that it will save the time.
  5. SAP Crystal Reports is integrated with SAP Crystal Dashboard to help you convey information in a compelling way, as for example What If scenarios. You will also be able to use Adobe Flash dynamic charts and graphs and embed Adobe Flex for executing business decisions.
  6. User can easily deploy the all crystal reporting objects or you can easily share the reports in various ways like XML Exporting,email e.t.c.
  7. SAP Crystal Reports is a very useful system from an OEM perspective as it is embedded in many popular software systems and technologies including CA and HR .


The Looker application is one of the best data discovery app.The Looker is web based interface which can be used to expertise in analytics team.The tool can develop and build the reports to take the best business decisions.Looker also build the own analytic modules and design visualization using single code.The Looker app can analyze both web-hosted as well as SQL data.It provides the more optimized query.

Why to use Looker?

1.LookML is brand new database query language of Looker for easier approach of data analytics.This language is simplified version of SQL which is reusable and modular.

2.As LookML language is very simple and reusable language the tool is very user friendly.

3. Scalable tool : Looker is scalable tool.You can connect to any relational database management systems like BigQuery or RedShift for instance.

4.Automatic Data Model creation : Looker can connect the data model automatically based on the schema.

5. Windows functions are not good functions designed for users to rank customers based on specific behavior.

6.Field parameters :User can create different dimensions and facts as well as measures in Looker Tool.

7.User can create templated filters unique to specific users as well.A

These are some important best BI reporting Tools in 2023 .I hope you like this article on BI Reporting Tools or if you have any concerns with the same kindly comment in comments section.