60 Great Topics for University Coursework

Successfully writing coursework is the dream of every student. True, each has its own
framework for success: for some, a “C” will be enough, and for another, a “B” is a failure. Of
course, the key to success lies in hard work throughout the course and in the interaction between
student and teacher. But we must not forget one more important aspect – the choice of the topic
of coursework.
Coursework is the final work, summing up your studies throughout the course at the university.
It is a visual demonstration of all the knowledge and skills acquired by the student during the
course. That’s why it can be rather difficult to write such a paper. In such cases, students get
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Topics for IT Coursework

  1. Methods and technologies of artificial intelligence in public and corporate governance.
  2. Artificial neural networks in management.
  3. Data mining methods.
  4. Digitalization of the company’s marketing activities (or other management tasks or
  5. Digitalization of enterprise management.
  6. Digital business models.
  7. State digital platforms.
  8. Public administration digital data.
  9. Digital channels of interaction between state bodies, citizens, and businesses.
  10. State support for the development of the digital environment.

Topics for Coursework in Journalism

  1. Features of the presentation of news content on the channel (based on the news releases
    of the particular channel).
  2. Features of the formation of the news agenda on modern television (on the material of the
    different channels).
  3. Methods of effective influence of the presenter on the audience (on the material of the
    author’s programs).
  4. Peculiarities of coverage of armed conflicts in television documentaries (based on the
  5. Peculiarities of coverage of environmental issues in documentary projects on television
    and on the Internet (based on films and the Internet media).
  6. Features of the image of a sports commentator (based on the reports of the particular
  7. The specifics of documentary films on modern American television.
  8. Approaches to creating travel programs (on the basis of programs).
  9. Peculiarities of scientific journalism in multimedia (based on works on digital
  10. Features of entertainment programs on American television (on the basis of particular

Topics for Coursework in Law

  1. Constitutional guarantees of justice.
  2. Constitutional bases of activity of Office of Public Prosecutor of the United States.
  3. Constitutional state.
  4. The Government of the United States in the system of public authorities.
  5. The main constitutional and legal forms of organization of American society and the
  6. The concept of property rights and their classification.
  7. Protection of property rights.
  8. Civil law contract: concept, content, types.
  9. The concept and terms of a power of attorney.
  10. Abuse of the right.

Topics for Coursework in Sociology

  1. Content theories of motivation: theory and practice of application in modern
  2. Process theories of motivation: theory and practice of application in the modern
  3. The motivation of social behavior of an employee in modern conditions.
  4. The content of activities, models of qualities, and competencies of the leader.
  5. Personality in the organization, social adaptation of the individual.
  6. Group dynamics, the formation of a cohesive team.
  7. Organizational and administrative methods of leadership: content, specificity.
  8. Socio-psychological methods of management in a modern organization.
  9. Problems of power and leadership in the organization.
  10. Development of the theory of leadership styles.Topics for Coursework in Education

Topics for Coursework in Education

  1. American scientific schools develop the problems of education. 
  2. Basic concepts of the theory of education: education – educational environment –
    educational space – educational activities of the teacher.
  3. The phenomenon of the “educational system” of the school and other educational
  4. Educational activities of the teacher as a factor in the humanization of childhood space.
  5. Raising children with disabilities. Experience in integrating children from different social
    groups into a single children’s community.
  6. Education of children of different age groups in health camps.
  7. The experience of humanistic education in world pedagogy.
  8. Art methods in pedagogical development practices (cognitive, personal, social, and
  9. Music (theater, choreography, visual arts, etc.) as a pedagogical technology.
  10. Pedagogical grounds for the use of art (specify the type) as a technology for the
    development of the psyche (on age-related problems).

Topics for Coursework in Psychology

  1. Personal and professional development of students in a research university.
  2. Psychological aspects of mastering a foreign language.
  3. Cross-cultural research on emotional intelligence.
  4. Cross-cultural studies of the values of today’s youth.
  5. Cross-cultural studies of personal readiness for professional activity.
  6. The phenomenon of mental health. The spectrum of mental health.
  7. Intelligent risk assessment. 
  8. Basic beliefs. 
  9. Meaningful orientations.
  10. Vitality.
    The most obvious, but at the same time the most important advice: choose a topic that interests
    you! Be guided only by your opinion and desire. If you like the topic, then it will be easier to
    write coursework on it.

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