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Best SQL Books :

You might have seen so many articles of SQL on www.complexsql.com. I am writing a bit different article which will give you information about different useful Best SQL Books. SQL is also known as Structured Query Language which will be used in almost every Database Management System. I have tried to explain every SQL concept on the website. Its time to make some space in your Bookshelf. I have personally used different kind of SQL books for reference.

Following are Best SQL Books which will useful for Beginners as well as professionals:

1.Learning SQL by Alan Beaulieu :

(90% Recommended as Best SQL Books )

This is Fantastic book for the beginners who really wants to learn SQL from the scratch. You will understand that mileage may vary if you are a DBA or need to get into great depth on a specific database and the intricacies of its syntax, but as a general overview to relational databases and SQL, this is an excellent resource. If you work with software that has a database component, the information contained herein will help you to understand what kinds of things are more or less easily doable with your data. I found the book very pragmatic and the examples helpfully illustrative.

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Best SQL Books

The following are important bullet points of Learning SQL By Alan Beaulieu :

  • Move quickly through SQL basics and learn several advanced features
  • Use SQL data statements to generate, manipulate and retrieve data
  • Create database objects, such as tables, indexes and constraints, using SQL schema statements
  • Learn how data sets interact with queries and understand the importance of sub-queries

So I will definitely recommend this book for very good reference of SQL.You will able to get not only the reference of Database administration tasks but also the PL SQL basic programming also. The con of  this book is ,it has not given the idea about SQL Optimization techniques. But Overall i will recommend this book for everyone.

2.“Sams Teach Yourself SQL in 10 Minutes” By Ben Forta : 

(90% Recommended as Best SQL Books )

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This is one of the best selling SQL books.Ben Forta is an expert trainer and popular author. He looked at the existing SQL literature and saw a need for a SQL book not geared towards database analysts (DBAs). This book fills that need.

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Following are some important bullet points  of this book :

  • This is a useful book, particularly as a quick reference for SQL.
  • If you need something to keep handy for checking terms and query structure the 10 Minute guide would serve you well.
  • Much easier than trying to look something up in one of the many larger more technical books on SQL.
  • To expand my understanding of relational databases;
  • To learn the basics of SQL in case I someday need to use a DBMS other than Access.

Recommended for ALL SQL beginners and a good mini/quick reference for those more advanced or intermediate or those that don’t use SQL too much.

 3.“SQL: QuickStart Guide – The Simplified Beginner’s Guide To SQL”  By Clyde Bank :

(80% Recommended as Best SQL Books )

The another best book to learn SQL.This book have 3.5 stars at goodreads. This book is a great way to start with SQL and this book will basically gives not only the information about SQL but also it will give you the information about different data warehousing concepts.

Books with titles that accurately reflect its contents, or else do what they say they will do, carry significant weight for me. SQL: QuickStart Guide does precisely what it claims to do, which is provide a simple overview of SQL. If you are brand-new to SQL, this book is helpful; and even if you’re not, this book provides a very quick (59 pages, inclusive of separate one-page conclusion and glossary) overview or refresher. The book errs on the side of appealing to the rank beginner–which, to be fair, is what the title says.

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Following are some bullet-points of this book:

  • This book gives you multiple examples of SQL where user will get idea of SQL concepts with examples.
  • . This would be useful for non-IT professionals who are working on a database project or with database developers and want a quick insight into the basic concepts of SQL.
  • Separate small section like glossary which will give you quick idea about important SQL concepts
  •  It’s specific programming language and honestly if someone’s a quick learner they could possibly bypass a lengthy tutorial or college course.

4. “SQL: The Ultimate Beginners Guide: Learn SQL Today” By Steve Tale

(80% Recommended as Best SQL Books )

This is one of the best book for the beginners,Learning the SQL language can be laborious and tedious, but if you have genuine interest in learning a new language and updating your skills, it could be relatively easy. The SQL concepts are laid out in simple, concise language. Tale has also provided great examples and sample tables to further augment the concepts and instructions.

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Best SQL Books

Following are some bullet points of this book :

  • This book will serve as an essential guide for you, as a SQL beginner.
  • This book has multiple simple examples which will give the users clear picture about SQL concepts.
  • Specific examples and sample tables is showcased to help you practice most of the SQL queries.
  • The best part of this book is , this book has given the learning ideas and complex sql concepts with simple words and examples so that user will able to understand the concepts very clearly.

5.“Head First SQL” By Lynn Beighley (70% Recommended as Best SQL Books )

Lynn Beighley knows how to write about technical topics in an approachable way. Her book, “Head First SQL,” does just this. It’s visually rich format is designed for the way your brain works, not in a text-heavy approach that puts you to sleep.I usually only review something if I’ve read every word, but I’ve lived in this book long enough and read enough to feel good about reviewing it.
This was one of my textbooks for a database design class, a class I was terrified to take but still signed up for (for various reasons out of my control). It’s a very user-friendly guide, and as a novice to SQL, I appreciated the frisky, nothing-to-be-afraid-of tone. There are tons of visuals and extras, and when I wasn’t driving myself crazy with fear I wouldn’t be able to succeed in this class, I actually had fun doing it.
If I had to learn another coding language, I would certainly seek out a guidebook from this Head First series.

This SQL book takes a fun approach to showing the fundamentals of SQL and how to really take advantage of the language. Whether you are brushing up on the basics or starting from scratch, this book is worth checking out. She wrote another great book about PHP and MySQL, too.The Goodreads has given the 4 stars to this book.

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Following are some bullet points of this book :

  • If user wants to learn SQL with funny examples , this is the great book for that.
  •  The examples included such practical applications as making a database to track clowns in order to help your clown-phobic friends.
  • Very good run down on basics of SQL.
  • It is excellent as a beginners guide and is also suitable for people who want to review and refresh their memory on specific aspects of sql.

I personally used these above books for my reference. I will recommend you these 5 best sql books for reference so that you will learn SQL not only theoretically but also in practical manner.You will buy these books on my website with flat discount of 30 percent. Hope you will like this article on Basic best SQL books. I will write next article on some best advanced SQL books.If you have any suggestions kindly comment it in comments section.