Features of OBIEE

What are Features of OBIEE | How to Log in in OBIEE?

Features of OBIEE :

OBIEE stands for ‘Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition’ which is tool provided by Oracle corporation limited to create interactive reports,dashboards,scorecards in OLAP enviroment.OBIEE enables user to provide robust set of reporting,ad-hoc query analysis,dashboard,scorecard functionality.OBIEE solutions are cost effective solutions as compare to web based service oriented architecture.There are lot of Features of OBIEE like rich visualization,interactive dashboards,animated charting,innovative search.Although there are lot of important features there are the main competitors of OBIEE :

1.Microsoft Business Intelligence


3.IBM Congos


Following are some important Features of OBIEE :

1.Interactive DashboFeatures of OBIEEards :

OBIEE provides user to create own interactive dashboards which contains nice and rich visualization as well as rich look and feel.Interactive dashboard is one of the most important Features of OBIEE.I have tried to specify the interacive dashbboard which contains rich visualizations with bar graph and 3 D pie chart.So The Interactive dashboards is most important Features of OBIEE.

2.Enterprise Reporting :

OBIEE provides feature of Enterprise Reporting which provides the user to allow the highly formatted templates,reports,Flash reports as well.

3.Self Service Report Creation :

OBIEE enables user to create their own reports from the scratch.User can start with a scratch in RPD development and should create reports by himself or herself.User can create or modify interactive reports in OBIEE.

4.Microsoft Office Integration :

MS Office Integration
MS Office Integration

This is another most important fe

ature of OBIEE.OBIEE provides the integration with microsoft office so that the data from word,powerpoint or Excel will be used in OBIEE in minutes.

5.Proactive detection and alerts :

OBIEE provides very powerful,near real time alert engine which is based on the business Events.This alert engine will notify the clients or stakeholders via a specific medium about the reports in OBIEE.

6.Actionable Intelligence :

OBIEE provides actionable intelligence by converting Business processes in to interactive reports and dashboards.

7.Map Visualization :

OBIEE allows user to visualize there analytical data in to different type of maps like pie chart,bar chart etc which will improve the spatial intelligence.

Advantages of OBIEE :

There are following advantages of OBIEE :

1.Visualization :

One of the best advantage of OBIEE is Visualization and types of visualizations used in OBIEE which will provide the interactive dashboard look as shone in diagram given above.

2.Report creation from Scratch :

OBIEE provides the feature of creating a report from scratch so that user will  create report from scratch in any functionality.

3.User Friendly :

To develop the report is very easy and user friendly.User can just drag and drop columns to create OBIEE report.

4.Flash Report :

OBIEE allows us to create a flash reports which will improve the beauty of interactive dashboards.

5.Report Template :

OBIEE allows us to create report template and Ad-hoc reporting.

6.Integration with major data sources :

OBIEE has close integration with major data sources like Microsoft office or third party vendors to.

How To Log in to OBIEE?

Following are the steps to log in to OBIEE Server :

Step 1 : Type web url of OBIEE in browser.You will see following page.

Log in page obiee

Step 2: Put user name and password and click on sign in button.Then you will see the following dashboard.

Obiee first page

Hope you will get basic idea of OBIEE and its advantages and features.If you like this article dont forget to comment in comments section.