How to check Oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit?

In my previous articles i have given the detailed level idea about the multiple types of errors in oracle.I would like to give you detailed idea about How to check Oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit? Most of time DBA or developers have the question in mind that how to check Oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit? I would like to give the answer of this question in this article in more depth. I would like to give multiple solutions to check this.

Resolution of the question – How to check Oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit?

We are using multiple methods to connect to the oracle. But most of the time we dont know about the oracle client is 32 bit or 64 bit. The following are methods to check information about oracle client.

Method 1 : When you logged in to oracle need to fire some queries.

Solution :

The first solution to check the version is to run the oracle system view which contains the version information of oracle. Following query is useful to check the oracle version.


The output of above query is the banner will give us information about the 64 bit oracle client. If the banner does not specify the version information then its 32 bit.

Method 2 : Use SQL queries and check address information

You can use following queries to check the version information effectively. You basically require to check the address of the table. If the physical address is 8 bit character long then oracle is 32 bit.

SQL Query :

select distinct address from v$sql where rownum<2;

Output :


If you can check above address is 8 character long so the oracle is 32 bit.

If the address returned is 16 characters long, it is 64 bit.

select distinct address from v$sql where rownum<2;


Filter Commands

Method 3 : If you are using Oracle Editors

If you are using the oracle editors like SQL plus or Toad you can get the information of version quite easily.

SQL Plus :

If you are using SQL plus then the banner will show the information about the oracle 64 bit client. If it is not showing the 64 bit banner then oracle client is 32 bit.

Using Toad editor :

If you log in to Toad editor then you require to go to following path to check the version

Help –> Support Bundle –> Select section named as Oracle client information

Method 4 : Checking with Oracle directories

You can also chek the version by checking oracle directories.

32 bit client : If there is only one directory lib inside Oracle_home then it is 32 bit client.

64 bit client : If there are two directories named lib32 and lib directories

In latest versions the lib files are not included.

Method 5 : By using direct systems

Go to following path :

Click on Computer —> Properties –> Advanced system settings –>Advanced Tab —> Environment Variables –> then check Path Option in the System variables to see Oracle client HOME dir.

Bring up a command-line prompt.
cd into the Oracle client directory. In the oracle client directory, there should be a bin folder. In the bin folder, there should be an executable called tnsping.exe

If you run this utility without any command-line options it will tell you what version is installed. The bit-level shown is the bit level of the oracle client. This will display client information and should note 64-bit or 32-bit.

Another method :

Go to start and run and type REGEDIT

Then go to Hkey_local_machine HKLM/Software.Confirm there the entry about oracle is 64 bit.

WOW6432Node : You can get and confirm the entry about oracle is 32 bit.

These are different methods to check oracle client version.