ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel | How to resolve ORA-03113 error?

ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel :

In my previous article i have given the resolution as well as introduction about different errors like ORA-12154: TNS listener error  and ORA-00600 and ORA-01722: invalid number.The fourth most searched Error for oracle is ORA-03113: end-of-file on communication channel.This error is searched approximately 23 k times per month in google search engine.In this article i will try to explain you why this error will come and how this error will solve.There are 2 types of errors in Oracle one is syntax errors and others are the errors caused by connection.There are lot of errors in oracle where the mechanical steps does not work and we need to check N number of points to resolve the errors just like ORA-00600.There are different steps to solve ORA-03113 error.

“ORA-03113 error will be searched approximately 23 k times per month on google.”


Why ORA-03113 error will come?

This is another type of error which is most frequently coming in oracle.There should be multiple reasons for this error.This is not a simple error like syntax errors.There are following reasons for this error :

Situation 1 : 

  Connection between client and server is broken.

This error will come when connection between client and server is broken.The connection will broken because of multiple reasons like connection timeout.

Situation 2 : 

  Server machine Crash issue.

Due to some reasons if the server machine is crashed then this issue will come.The user needs to confirm that server machine is working well.

Situation 3 :

Processes kill on server side

When processes killed from server side this error will occur.In this situation user needs to restart the server so that all processes will run properly.

Situation 4 :

Incorrect connection handling

There are lot of times unknowingly user is handling multiple incorrect connections.This error will cause because of multiple wrong connection handling at a same time.

Situations 5 :

Network issue

Due to network issue this error will come.Need to check the network cause for the same.

Situation 6 :

Connection abort

Due to connection abort issue this error will come.

So This error will not come because of syntax.It is coming frequently due to network cause.There are no mechanical steps to resolve this error.But with my experience i will give the set of  checkpoints using which user will solve this issue.


Resolution of the Error :

To resolve ORA-03113 there are no mechanical steps.But system admin as well as database administrator will solve this error by doing some task.

Solution 1 :

System administrator needs to check whether there is server crash or not.If server is crashed then using disaster recovery server need to make the connection.

Solution 2:

If server side processes aborted or stopped then just restart the server and take bounce of server.Check that all Servers as well as supporting processes are up and running.

Solution 3:

Check for the network issues and try to establish connection with oracle.

Solution 4:

Check oracle alert.log files for the errors and try to  resolve the exceptions coming in alert.log file.

Solution 5:

User SQL_TRACE on sessions to find out the problem.

Solution 6:

Check USER_DUMP_DEST and BACKGROUND_DUMP_DEST directories and try to reproduce the issue again.

Solution 7 :

One of the cause of this error is firewall.So check for all firewall configurations and it is working properly and connection is made properly between oracle.

These are some solutions or checkpoints i have given to resolve this error.Hope you find this article interesting.Don’t forget to share this article with everyone.