Oracle 18c | Oracle 18c Features | Oracle 18c Advantages

Oracle 18c :

We are now using the latest Oracle database which is 11g version of oracle and Oracle 12 c version to do the database operations in day to day life. Each of oracle version has its own features and each and every release of oracle comes with latest features which are helpful for application to tune the performance as well as simple and elegant way of storage and restoring database facilities.Oracle has not launched any version after oracle 12c release2 but now Oracle CTO(Chief Technical Officer) Larry Ellison has launched new Oracle version which is Oracle 18c which is also known as Autonomous database.Oracle 18c is main competitor of Amazon Web Services (AWS).Now a days to use oracle as a database we need lot of resources who have great knowledge of backup,restore strategies as well as most importantly performance tuning using indexing and partitioning.So lot of cost  different companies wastes in to resources as well as security of the database.The DBAs are really frightened with this new Oracle Technology.But the DBA jobs are secure and they need to learn new technology like cloud.

Oracle 18c database is autonomous database in which less human interventions involved which has automated Security.

In this article i will try to introduce new oracle database version named Oracle 18c and its introduction.In this version most Oracle 18ccritical security functions and bugs are solved.In this new version Oracle gives the feature of easy installation of the database.In the diagram given we will able to see new version and its sub versions and releases.The new version is Oracle 18c and there are 3 releases of the same version i.e. 18.1 ,18.2 and 18.3 which has further subversions.

Oracle 18 Advantages :

Oracle 18c is Worlds first autonomous database cloud.It has designed to reduce complexity of  database,less  human errors. It also helps to ensure high reliability,security in optimal cost.This version is also used to reduce the Operational cost.Following are some advantages of Oracle 18c database:

  1. Oracle 18c uses adaptive machine learning which will reduce the human errors.
  2. It reduces the complexity of database
  3. It is highly relible and secure database
  4. It reduces the operational cost
  5. Self Driving database
  6. Self Tuning database
  7. Most efficient consumption of resources
  8. Less human intervention

These are some advantages of the Oracle 18c database.All tasks are automated and the consumption of resources are really very efficient in this version.The data is more secured and the main advantage of Oracle 18c is automated tuning mechanism as well as it reduces the cost of maintenance operations and all maintenance is automated.


Oracle 18c Features :

Oracle 18c version has launched by considering 3 main features.Oracle needs to reduce the unnecessary resource cost and wants to create own autonomous database which will drive automatically by self.

Oracle 18c featuress

1. Self Driving Database :

1.1. Oracle 18 c is self driving database in which patching,upgrades and backups can be done automatically.

1.2.No delay waiting for human process and downtime.

1.3.Automated treat detection and remediation.

1.4. All database maintenance tasks will be done without human interventions.

2. Reliable :

2.1. It is very reliable database as it has self recovering capability of detecting and applying corrective actions.

2.2.Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud automatically implements Oracle Real Application Cluster(RAC).

2.3.No downtime required for upgrades,patching or adding storage capacity.

3.Lower Cost :

3.1.It eliminates the costly downtime

3.2.Self Tuning uses adaptive machine learning which automatically activates caching,indexing,storage of indexes.

3.3.It avoids costly overprovisioning.

3.4. It also helps to cut the labour cost as Oracle 12c is automated self driving database.

3.5. Oracle 18c is 5x to 13x less expensive than AWS (Amazon Web Services).

These are some important advantages of the database 18c.The main and primary feature of 18c is automation and reduce the human resource cost.Hope you get idea about new version of Oracle database.