Oracle 19c upgrade : Oracle 11G and Oracle 12 C to Oracle 19C

In my previous articles i have given you idea about the Oracle sql queries and multiple complex sql queries. In this article i would like to give you multiple steps for Oracle upgrade. In this article i would like to cover what is need for oracle 19c upgrade and the basic key steps we need to perform during oracle upgrade at application level.When it comes to oracle upgrade thing there are multiple questions in a mind whether the oracle upgrade will support previous application. Whether application will work fine after that?If any changes needs to be done at application level and so on? So i have started to write series of articles specifically for Oracle 11G and Oracle 12 C to Oracle 19C. In this article i would like to cover 2 key topics :

  1. Need for Oracle 19C
  2. Basic Steps for Oracle Upgrade activity with tentative estimation percentage

Need For Oracle 19C upgrade :

Everyone have question in mind that why there is need to upgrade the oracle database from lower versions to Oracle 19 C. There are multiple reasons for the same. I have mentioned some of the important features and functionalities of oracle 18c in my article. They have added some more features in oracle 19 c. Following are some important reasons for upgrading the Oracle 11G or Oracle 12C to Oracle 19C.

1.Database 19c is the long-term support release or “Terminal Patch Set” for oracle, with premier support planned through March 2023 and extended support through March 2026.

2.The Extended support is always costlier than the Oracle upgrade.

3.We are trying to upgrade to Oracle 19c because it is the stable long term release version with the premium support until 31-Mar-2023.

4.There are so many new features added which may improve the performance of application by considering the database levels.

5.The previous experiences where Posti did upgrade from 11 to 12 version they have not faced very huge  impact on application level.

6.Oracle has provided High level of security for 19 C so it is always good practice to use the oracle 19c version.

Basic Steps for Oracle Upgrade :

In this section i would like to mention some basic steps which we need to perform to do the oracle upgrade.

Oracle 19C upgrade

1.Prepare Upgrade Test server :  Oracle DBA Team Needs to do the Upgrade Preparation Plan in detail with its related activities needs to be done. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 10%)

2.Test Upgrade Process :  This task needs to be done by DBA team on lower environments and we need to check the Test upgrade process done properly. Initially Application Team needs to check the connectivity with the applications at this stage. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 10%)

3.Test Database and application : In this phase Oracle DBA team needs to check the database. Application team needs to check whether each and every database functionalities are working properly. There might be chances that few functions features are not available in latest version. Application team needs to test every functionality thoroughly. This phase will take more time. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 30%)

4. Fixes on Database Side : We need to do some fixes if any issues come and retest the features of application and we require to do User Acceptance Testing as well in this phase. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 10%)

5.Preparation for production Database : Oracle DBA team needs to do preparation plan for production database same as test database. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 10%)

6. Upgrade the Production Database : Oracle DBA team needs to upgrade the database on production server. Application team needs to check the connectivity with the application at this stage. (Tentative Effort Estimation – 20%)

7.Tune And Adjust the new database : Oracle DBA team needs to tune and adjust the new database and application team needs to work on testing different functionalities from their end. If any changes done at testing phase application team needs to apply those changes and need to do the smoke testing.((Tentative Effort Estimation – 10%)

The above stages are important to do the plan for oracle upgrade at application level and database level. I hope this information is useful to you preparing the plan for Oracle 19c upgrade. If you have any issues or concerns related to same kindly comment in comments section.

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