Oracle Autonomous Database |Oracle 19 c

In my previous articles i have already given the information about Oracle 18c with multiple real life examples. In this article i would like to give idea about Autonomous database which is Oracle 19 c. I would like to give you idea about first autonomous database which is Oracle Autonomous Database with some advantages of this database.Now a days so many cloud services are coming in to picture. The Autonomous database is nothing but the perfect combination of cloud and machine learning which provides Database management as a service.

What is mean by Automated database ?

In this section i would like to give different features of Oracle Autonomous database so that user will know the benefits of using this database. There are following important features of Oracle 19 c:

  1. Self Driving Database : Oracle 19 c is self driving database. So everyone have question in mind that what is mean by self driving database? The self driving database means the whole data will be managed by Database management system.What is mean by that? Means non technical persons who are Management people,Marketers can easily fetch the data and do the data analysis. I would like to give the bulletpoints about Self driving database.
  • Eliminating the manual database management tasks
  • Automation of multiple patching and upgrades
  • Tuning of database will be automatic
  • Multiple types of Machine learning algorithms has been used to automate existing tasks without Human intervention.

2. Self Securing database :

Oracle 19 c or Oracle autonomous database is one of the self securing database. It will automatically protects itself from multiple cyber attacks or any vulnerability. Following are some bullet-points of self Securing database :

  • It will automatically applies the security patches with checking the security and external cyber attacks.
  • It prevents the administrator to snoop the important application data.
  • Detect and prevent the suspicious attempt to fetch the data from unauthorized users or parties.

3. Self Repairing database :

Oracle 19 c is self repairing database. We have only 2 mins 30 secs downtime monthly basis.It is always On available database.This automatically protects the all types of downtime. It will also protect the database from unnecessary downtime due to user errors.

How Oracle Developed First Autonomous database?

From last 30 years oracle has developed different versions of database management systems. With using this efforts for 30 years and combining the multiple technologies together oracle come up with new database.Oracle has encapsulated all technologies together which has provided the First Oracle Autonomous database software.

  1. Oracle Enterprise Edition Automation : The oracle has automated so many features of Oracle Enterprise Edition .Oracle Enterprise Edition automated the configuration settings and automates many advanced settings of Oracle Enterprise Edition. This will include automation of patching,Schema changing activities,Parallelism of SQL statement.
  2. Automation of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure : Without using cloud infrastructure oracle may not developed the First autonomous database. Oracle Autonomous database used the Oracle cloud infrastructure to provide the high performance and scalable database.
  3. Oracle Knowledge base : Oracle has used its own knowledge base for step by step building of autonomous database. The oracle knowledge base contains different Bug fixes,Hot fixes documents,log files,trace files. With using that knowledge base with analysis of machine learning algorithms.
  4. Oracle Best Practices : Oracle always gives some best practices for deployment,configurations and other important operations with oracle product. The same best practices also used in designing oracle Autonomous database which provides high availability,security and performance in the cloud.
  5. Machine Learning : Oracle database will come up in simple megabytes to terabytes. It has millions of objects and user can create multiple objects in it.Machine learning is nothing but different set of tools available in oracle cloud. The customers will use these tools to implement their own solutions like Healthcare, Postal E.t.c.

Benifits of Autonomous database :

In this section i would like to give heads up about the benefits of autonomous database.

1.Cost Benefits :

The main advantage of using Oracle Autonomous database is to reduce the administrative cost. According to research if we can automate the database as well as infrastructure services we can reduce up to 80 percent of administrative cost.The pay per use can cut the cost 90%.

2.Security :

The autonomous operations eliminates vulnerabilities. Due to automated patching and other automatic activities it will reduce the cyber-attacks. The autonomous database protects with all kind of downtime which includes system failure,maintenance,user errors e.t.c.

3. Eliminate need of administration :

Using autonomous database user can eliminate most of administration activities.Integrated machine learning programs will do the predictions which will remove the fraud detection.

These are some most important benefits of using Autonomous database .If you like this article or if you have any concerns or issues with this article kindly comment in comments section.