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PL SQL Developer Roles and Responsibilities | Resume for PL SQL Developer

Resume for PL SQL Developer :

PL SQL is Procedural Language Structured Query Language which is nothing but the extension to SQL. Lot of peoples face difficulty while designing the Resume for PL SQL Developer.Every person in Database team has its own role and responsibilities.In my previous article i have shared important PL SQL Tutorials.Only having technical knowledge is not important.To understand PL SQL developer roles and responsibilities is equally important.Everyone should have proper understanding of PL SQL developer roles and responsibilities.

Day to day Responsibilities of PL SQL Developer :

There are lot of day to day responsibilities of PL SQL developer which needs to be added to Resume for PL SQL Developer

1.Understanding and Collecting requirements from Business user side or Business Analyst and try to convert that requirement to SQL queries or PL SQL.

Example :

If Customer wants to select the data from t_Customer table with its customer id. In this case the duty of PL SQL developer is to check how that requirement is been converted technically in PL SQL program. Only writing in Resume for PL SQL developer is not enough.He/She should know how functional requirement is converted to PL SQL.

2. Having XXX Years of IT experience as an ORACLE PL/SQL Developer, involved in Requirement Gathering, analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing , Production Deployment and Support.

3.Convert the Business need in to Technical complex queries.

4.Use different strategies of database development to meet the client functional requirement.


Only writing above statement in Resume of PL SQL Developer will not work.Let me give you example which will clarify the statement.If Customer wants to fetch the records from customer table then user needs to write procedure which will include explicit cursor.These are different strategies of database development.

5. Expertise in SQL and PL/SQL programming, developing complex code units.

6.Solid Experience of creating PL/SQL Packages, Procedures, Functions, Triggers, Views and Exception handling for retrieving, manipulating, checking and migrating complex data sets in Oracle.

7.Experience in data migration/conversation using SQL*Loader.

8.Experience in Data migration using import and export.

9.Expertise in creating the indexes on tables and partitioning the table for SQL tuning purpose.

10.Expertise in writing procedures, functions, views, materialized views as required.

11.Responsible for performance tuning activities in the project.

Example :

Just writing in the Resume for PL SQL Developer about performance tuning is not working.You need to know about indexes,partitioning and other performance tuning techniques.

Resume for PL SQL Developer


12.Having good experience on Client Interaction and Presentation Skills.

13.Ability to write complex sql queries for reporting purpose.

14.Customizing the application using PL SQL techniques.

15.Support the users of application with using multiple SQL and PL SQL techniques.

16.Can assist in developing and implementing new technologies.

17.Support all day to day activities related to database like data consolidation,data migration scripting.

18.Creating complex views,materialized views on multiple table as per customer requirement.

19.Used PL/SQL Tables, Cursors to process huge volumes of data and used bulk collect for mass update as performance improvement process.

20.Migrated data from flat files to tables using sql*loader.

These are some important points PL SQL developer needs to add in Resume of PL SQL Developer.I am adding sample of Resume of PL SQL Developer with this article.Don’t forget to share this article with everyone.

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