What are different Roles in the scrum team ?

In my previous articles i have given the basic idea about the scrum and multiple sprint processes. In this article i would like to give you the brief description about different scrum roles with real life industry example.I would like to give you the examples of multiple types of Scrum Roles with the real industry examples. We can able to give the existing roles in organization to give the real Scrum Roles.As an example you can give the role of Scrum Master to Project Manager and Project Manager can play the role of Scrum Master.These are multiple roles in the scrum team .

Scrum Roles With Examples :

In this section i would like to give multiple roles information about the scrum with real life industry examples.First I would like you to give the multiple type of important Roles in the scrum.

Product Owner Role :

The most important role for Scrum is product owner role. The customer which has vast experience in the specified product and the business analyst which has mid scale experience are the best people for product owner role.

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Following are some important responsibilities of Product Owner :

  1. Responsible for defining stories.
  2. Responsible for all type of releases and its planning.
  3. Responsible for the backlogs.
  4. Responsible for prioritizing the project tasks and execute the important project tasks.
  5. Evaluation of Progress of the product.
  6. According to the project requirements we need to appoint one or two product owners.One from Customer side and other from company side who has good Business analyst experience.

Example :

You have new client for Indian postal services. They want to grow the business in Nordic countries like Finland,Sweden and Norway.The requirement is to create the E commerce website for Nordic countries. Here we need to build the scrum team and need to hire Product owner as sprint zero process. We require to hire one 20 Year experience customer and 6-7 year experience business analyst.

As a first step we need to hire customer side manager who can act as a Product owner .

Mika K – We have hired customer side manager who has 20 years of vast experience about multiple products of ECommerse.

Rahul S – We have hired the Business analyst with 5-6 years of experience.

Scrum Master Role:

Another important role is scrum master role in agile process. The scrum master is a person who is responsible for the agile or scrum process and responsible to execute the sprints. The scrum master is a person who is mostly experienced in management and who has experience to manage the projects.There are following important responsibilities of scrum master :

  1. Interaction between scrum team and Organization : With small stand up meetings scrum master is responsible to have interaction between the scrum team and organization or client.
  2. Clearing Obstacles : The scrum master is responsible to clear the obstacles in the scrum process.
  3. Team Productivity : The scrum master is responsible to improve the productivity of the team.
  4. Relationship between team and Product Owner : Scrum master needs to ensure that the good relationship between Product Owner and team.
  5. Team Protection : Scrum Master is responsible for protecting the team from outside interruptions and distractions.
  6. Team Success : Scrum master is responsible for scrum team success with his skillset and communication skills.
  7. Agile Coach : Scrum master is responsible to teach the different agile practices to the team.

Example :

In the same Indian Postal project we require to appoint the scrum master . The best candidate we need to choose from set of following people.

  • Customer – Rokul (Busy, has critical opinions and good business knowledge )
  • Customer Representative – Rambo (Agile enthusiast and available for clarification of queries )
  • Business analyst – Rohan (Has good business expertise and team management experience)
  • Project Manager –Kishore S (Respected by people)
  • Technical Lead–Amit S (Sound technical and domain expertise and good knowledge for team management)
  • Programmer – Rohit (experienced developer)

So from the above set of peoples we require to choose one scrum master and one back up for the scrum master. Everyone have their own analysis choosing the scrum master. I will choose Amit S as Scrum master and Rohan as back up scrum master.

The Scrum Team :

The scrum team is responsible to execute the sprints and clear the backlogs. The team must be the balanced team of multiple skilled developers,database administrators,testers and technical architects. The Scrum team size will be member of 4 to 9 people who can complete the sprint. Scrum master is responsible to recruit the people in team if any skills-sets are required to complete the sprint.

  • Business analyst – Rohan (Has good business expertise in Postal domain)
  • Project Manager – Ricardo(Respected by people)
  • Technical Architect – Pradnya(Sound technical and domain expertise)
  • Programmer – Rohit(experienced developer in C CPP JAVA and SQL)
  • Programmer – Shelly (Fresher)
  • Programmer – Gordon (experienced developer in Designing the javascript)
  • Tester – Renuka(experienced tester)
  • Tester – Piku(Fresher)
  • Content / technical Writer – Ruskan
  • User interface designer – Thomas
  • Architect – Mmartin(Strong technical expertise)

The above is the scrum team is responsible to execute the multiple sprints and complete the project accordingly.

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