SQL Quiz Competition – Practice Quiz

Hello Friends Here is your practice Quiz where you require to give only your mail address and do the practice before the contest. It will be useful to refine your skills in SQL.This is SQL Quiz Competition – Practice Quiz for reference.


SQL Quiz Competition Timings : 20 Mins

  1. You Need to give the Email Address to complete the Quiz
  2. This is just a SQL Quiz Competition for practice purpose. The mail competition will be held soon
  3. We require to complete the quiz in 20 mins
  4. You will get separate mails for the Quiz.
  5. For Main competition quiz will be in form of Text,Multiple choice questions as well.
  6. If you have any suggestions kindly comment in to comments section.

First SQL Quiz Competition :

Welcome to your SQL Practice Quiz

Registration Mail Id
What is fast way to calculate fifth highest salary?

What is Query to write the following string in vertical manner in SQL? "AMIET"

How to create a table which has same structure of the table with data and without data??

Write the query which will gives us the records of the Employee and its manager?

What is Fastest Way to execute the query with millions of records? ("use of Oracle Hints")

What is query to gather stats where degree of parallelism is 50?

What is Query to find duplicate rows?

What is error number for End of file communication error?

What is query to get number of weekends of current month?

How to convert time in to seconds?

You can Refer to get answers :

Question 1 : https://www.complexsql.com/query-to-find-second-highest-salary-of-employee/

Question 2 : https://www.complexsql.com/complex-sql-queries-examples-with-answers/

Question3 : https://www.complexsql.com/how-to-take-a-backup-of-table-in-sql/

Question 4 : https://www.complexsql.com/hierarchical-queries/

Question 5 : https://www.complexsql.com/types-of-oracle-hints-oracle-hints-examples/

Question 6 : https://www.complexsql.com/oracle-plsql-performance-tuning/

Question 7 :

You can refer to : https://www.complexsql.com/query-to-find-duplicate-records-in-table/
You can refer to : https://www.complexsql.com/complex-sql-queries-examples-with-answers/complex-sql-for-interviews/

Question 8 : https://www.complexsql.com/category/oracle-errors/page/2/

Question 9 : https://www.complexsql.com/complex-sql-queries-examples-with-answers/complex-sql-for-interviews/

Question 10 : https://www.complexsql.com/how-to-convert-time-to-seconds-in-oracle-with-examples/

Hope you will like this Quiz competition practice and it will be helpful to you. If you have any suggestions kindly comment in comments section.

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