What are default username and password for Oracle list?

In my previous article I have given the details about how to load the data using PLSQL code. In this article I would like to give the default username and password for Oracle with its script location. There are multiple times when User is struggling to get the exact default username and password for oracle after installing the default packages in oracle sql. I personally have faced this kind of issue many times and all usernames and passwords are not handy.

List of default username and password for oracle :

SYS/SYSTEM Username and password :

The key username we require to start after installation of Oracle is Sys user or System user. The role for Sys or System user is administrator role. There are many times the people facing issue finding out the details about SYS user. Make sure that Sys users are key system users which can not be dropped.

SYS user details :

User PasswordPurposeScriptCan change password?Can be dropped
SYSCHANGE_ON_INSTALL or INTERNALMain Oracle data dictionarySystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/sql.bsq and various cat*.sql scriptsYesNo
SYSTEMMANAGERThe Key Default User which is Admin SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/sql.bsqYesNo

Some Training Users :

After installation of Oracle we require to use some default users with default data for practicing purpose. Many times dba requires that information and information regarding default username and password for oracle is not handy, The following are some users and its default password.

UsernamePASSWORDPurposeScriptCan Change Password?Can be dropped?
Training/ demonstration users containing the popular EMP and DEPT tables  SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/utlsampl.sqlYesYes – Drop users cascade from all production environments
HR (Human Resources)
OE (Order Entry)
SH (Sales History)
Training/ demonstration users containing the popular EMPLOYEES and DEPARTMENTS tables  SystemPath( Like C://)/demo/schema/mksample.sqlYesYes – Drop users cascade from all production environments
Training and Practice user details
default username and password for Oracle
Default username and password

Other SYS users :

In Oracle we are having the other system users which are also important to do multiple tasks like API work,Dynamic data management or timeseries management. I would like to give the information about other SYS users with its password in following table.

er of default database users or schemas when a new database is created. Below are a few of them:

UserPasswordPurposeScriptCan change password?Can be dropped
EXFSYSUser to hold the dictionary, APIs for the Expression Filter SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/exfsys.sql, called from catexf.sql from catrul.sql from catproc.sqlYes – password given at script executionYes – using using catnoexf.sql script

Oracle interMedia (ConText Cartridge) administrator userSystemPath( Like C://)/ctx/admin/dr0csys.sqlYesYes
DMSYSDMSYSData Mining userSystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/odmcrt.sql, called from dminst.sqlYesYes – drop user cascade
DSSYSDSSYSOracle Dynamic Services and Syndication ServerSystemPath( Like C://)/ds/sql/dssys_init.sqlYesYes
LBACSYSLBACSYSLabel Based Access Control owner when Oracle Label Security (OLS) option is usedSystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/catlbacs.sql, called from catols.sqlYes – using catols.sql. of OLS is no more used
MDSYSMDSYSOracle Spatial administrator userSystemPath( Like C://)/ord/admin/ordinst.sqlYesYes
ORDSYSORDSYSObject Relational Data (ORD) User used by Time Series, etc.SystemPath( Like C://)/ord/admin/ordinst.sqlYesYes
TSMSYSTSMSYSUser for Transparent Session Migration (TSM) for Grid feature SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/cattsm.sql, called from catproc.sqlYesYes – drop user cascade
Other Sys users with Password

Other Important Users with the Password :

In this section I would like to give other important users of the oracle database.

Below are a few of them:

UserPasswordPurposeScriptCan change password?Can be dropped
ANONYMOUSinvalid passwordUsed by the PL/SQL gateway that enables a Web browser to invoke a PL/SQL stored procedure through an HTTP listener. SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/catqm.sqlYes – drop user if XDB is not used through a Web browser
INVALIDUsed for users who do not authenticate in Aurora/ORB SystemPath( Like C://)/javavm/install/init_orb.sql called from ?/javavm/install/initjvm.sql
AWR_STAGEAWR_STAGEUsed to load data into the AWR from a dump file SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/awrload.sqlYesYes – must be dropped in order to use awrload.sql script
CSMIGUser for Database Character Set Migration Utility SystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/csminst.sqlPassword is given at script callYes – drop user cascade (user is dropped and recreated by the script each time it is used)
DBSNMPDBSNMPOracle Intelligent agentSystemPath( Like C://)/rdbms/admin/
catsnmp.sql, called from catalog.sql
Yes – put the new password in snmp_rw.ora fileYes – Only if you do not use the Intelligent Agents
DEMOUser for Oracle Data Browser Demonstration (last version 9.2)?/rdbms/admin/demo.sqlYesYes – drop user cascade
IPDIPGeneric user account DIP for processing events propagated by DIP. This account would be used by all applications using the DIP provisioning service when connecting to the databasec://PATH /rdbms/admin/catdip.sql,
called from catproc.sql
Yes – using “oidprovtool” toolYes – using “dbca” if DIP (Directory Integration and Provisioning) is no more used
Other User Details

These are some most important default username and passwords in oracle. I hope this will helpful to you. If you like this article or if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in comments section.

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