What does SQL stands for ? | SQL stands for

In my previous article I have given idea about What is SQL?. We have discussed different SQL queries which are used in real industry. In this article I would like to concentrate on basic thing – What does SQL stand for ? It seems this is very simple question but this is always first interview question while we are facing the interview. What does SQL stands for ? and what are different usages of SQL?

What does SQL stands for ?

SQL stands for Structured Query Language which is the best programming language held in relational database management system. SQL is mainly used to handle and manage the data. SQL is domain specific language which is used to manage the data. We need to handle structured data in so many cases. So SQL language is mainly used to manage structured data.

Nice Fact : SEQUEL stands for Structured English Query Language. The company wants to give name as SEQUEL but that name has used by some other company and there are copyright issues. So IBM decided to give the name as SQL to database programming language.

Following are some bullet points related to SQL Language :

1.SQL also known as – SEQUEL stands for Structured Query Language.

2.SQL is first created by IBM systems database research team in early 1970.

3.SQL is used as universal programming language to handle and manage data by multiple database management systems.

Database Management Systems which uses SQL :



3.Microsoft SQL Server





4.SQL language is responsible for querying the information in specified database.

Example of query :

Fetch the data from Customer table.

Select * from Customer;

5.SQL is best performing database programming language and now a days so many giants using SQL as database programming language.

6.So many database management system depends on SQL for managing the data like- Oracle,MySQL,MS-SQL,PostgreSQL.

7.SQL uses ANSI standards which stands for American National Standard Institute.

8.SQL is used to perform multiple tasks on database – Examples – Update the data in database, Insert the data in database table.

9.There are following important SQL commands used by most of database management systems:

1.Select : Select Command is used to select data

Example : Select all data from Customer table.

Select * from Customer;

2.Insert: Insert command is used to insert the data

Insert a data in customer table.

Insert into Customer(Cust_id,name)

values(‘1′,’Amit S’);

The above statement will insert data in customer table.

3.Update: Update command is used to update the data from database.

Update Customer set Cust_id=’100′ where name=’Amit S’;

The above statement will update the customer id from 1 to 100 where name=’Amit S’

4.Delete : Delete command is used to delete the data.

Delete from Customer where cust_id=100;

The above statement will delete the data where cust_id is 100.

10.SQL language is designed to stored the data but this data is not static data. User can modify data anytime.

These are some key points for What does SQL stand for ? Hope you get better idea about different SQL statement.

I am hoping that with this article you will get to know idea about What does SQL stands for? I have tried to give you example of each and every point.