PostgreSQL Quiz

Hello Friends Here is your Postgresql Quiz for Practice where you require to give only your mail address and do the practice before the contest. It will be useful to refine your skills in SQL.

SQL Joins Quiz Competition Timings :30 Mins

  1. You Need to give the Email Address to complete the Quiz
  2. This is just Postgresql Quiz for practice purpose.
  3. We require to complete the SQL quiz in 30 mins
  4. You will get separate mails for the Quiz.
  5. If you have any suggestions kindly comment in to comments section.

Welcome to your PostgreSQL Quiz

Almost all popular programming languages, including C, C++, Perl, Python, Java, Tcl, and PHP, may use PostgreSQL.

How many tables is included with a join?

What is the name of the program that queries the PostgreSQL server?

Which of the mentioned below is a TCL command?

Which of the below best describes Postgresql?

A named collection table is called as

Which statement should be used to remove every row from a table without having the operation recorded?

What is Full form of DML?

Which model has the advantage that by following the pointers from the starting record, it can quickly find all the records of one kind that are connected to a certain record of another type?

A view is a fictitious table made from an actual table

Which of the following is untrue regarding a PostgreSQL domain?

Mention which of the below mentioned is an injection attack

Which is used to sort the result-set?

Which JOIN type is employed to return rows without matching values?

Triggers can be enabled or disabled with

What does the word null refer to?

What interfaces are included in the core PostgreSQL source code?

Shared locks are used while completing?

What In PostgreSQL Is Called A Named Collection Of Tables?

Which of the following symbol is used to begin a meta-command?

What In PostgreSQL Is Called A Named Collection Of Tables?

Data formats for IPv4, IPv6, and MAC addresses are available in PostgreSQL.

A web application's capacity to search all web pages, folders, and other files is made possible by:

What command is the most popular way to insert data into a table?

Which of the below mentioned is used for pattern matching?

Which of the below mentioned is used for Supress the duplicate records?


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