Data Analyst Job Description

Data Analyst Job Description and roles and responsibilities

Data Analyst Job Description :

In my previous article i have already given the idea about different roles and responsibilities with one sample resume. I have given the sample resume for PL SQL as well as OBIEE developer as well. I got so many requests from users regarding the Data Analyst Job Description. I would like to tell you that before knowing about Data Analyst Job Description you should know about what is Data Analyst and what are different roles and responsibilities of data analyst. So In this article i would like to give you brief understanding of role Data Analyst and i will explain about Data Analyst Job Description. So First thing I want to explain to you is What is Data Analyst?

What is Data Analyst?

1.Before understanding the role of data analyst user should know about the data analysis process. So the data analysis is a process of collecting the data from multiple sources, inspect and cleanse it properly and model that data according to the requirements which is helpful for decision making purpose.

2.Data Analyst is the person who is responsible for gathering the data from multiple heterogeneous sources and analyze that data.

3.Every Data Analyst must know their role properly. I want to divide the role of data analyst in to following different roles:

A. Data Collection :  Data analyst is responsible to collect the data from multiple heterogeneous sources.

B. Data Inspection :  Data analyst is responsible to inspect the data. Data analyst views closely over the data.

C. Data Cleansing : Data analyst is responsible to cleanse the data and its his responsibility that the data should be clean and proper.

D. Data Transforming : Data analyst is responsible to transform the data according to the business need. Now a days ETL developers will do this task but data analyst will make sure that data is transformed correctly.

E.Data Modeling : Data Analyst is responsible to represent the data in proper structure. Now a days data modeler do the task of data modeling.

These are above different roles of data analyst.

4.Every data analyst have its goals. The good data analyst should know about their goals. I will Explain some goals of Data Analyst :

1.Find Meaningful Data : Data analyst needs to find the meaningful data from the huge data. The data should be meaningful as well as important for the business.

2.Conclusion of Analyzed data : Data analyst is responsible for concluding the data which is analyzed.

3.Decision Making Support : The main goal of Data Analyst is to support the senior management for decision making.

5. Following are different job titles of data analyst :

1.Data Analyst : This job title needs to analyze the collected data.

2. Statistical Data Analyst : These kind of people analyses the statistical data.

3.Clinical Data Analyst : These kind of people analyses the clinical data.

4. Quantitative Analyst : These kind of people makes different mathematical calculations to analyze the Quantitative data.

Data Analyst Job Description :

Hope you will get idea about what is data analyst. In this section i will explain some roles and responsibilities of data analyst so that user will get idea about it. I will also give you idea about the different required skills of data analyst in this section. After that i will give you one sample resume which will be useful for user to create their data analyst resumes.

Following are different day to day roles and responsibilities of data analyst :

1.Collecting the data from multiple heterogeneous data sources.

2.Check the actual nature of the data by conducting preliminary data analysis.

3.Conduct the thorough analysis of data to check for meaningful data.

4.Perform data mining with using different querying techniques of SQL.

5.Check for different data configurations and patterns.

6.Help the senior management for decision making by representing the data with using different representational techniques like Graphs, charts.

7.Model the data with using different modeling techniques.

8.Make the projections of the data according to analyzing the trends of data.

9.Create different kind of reports with using different Business Intelligence tools like OBIEE or Tableau.

10. Present your findings with good presentation through meetings, seminars and presentations.

11.Preparing the report which will give information about all the data which will helps the senior management.

12.Discuss with senior management about the business strategy with using the data analyzed by you.

Data Analyst Job Description

Important Skills of Data Analyst :

In above section i have explained about different day-to-day activities of data analyst. There are some certain skills Data Analyst need to grab. I would like to give you some important skills of data analyst in this section. Following are important skills which Data analyst need to have:

  1. Analytical Skills : The data analyst will have to work with large amount of data. Data analyst needs to check the facts and figures. So to analyze the large amount of data in proper manner user should have good analytical skills.
  2. Communication Skill : Data analyst needs to give the presentations to the higher management according to their data analysis. The communication skill is one of the most important skill the data analyst should have.
  3. Writing Skills : The data analyst needs to prepare different reports according to their analysis. So the data analyst should have good written skills as well.
  4. Mathematical and Statistical knowledge : The data analyst is responsible to create reports. So he should have proper knowledge of math as well as stats.
  5. Technical Skills : The data analyst should know the SQL and Excel so that there should not be any difficulty while analyzing the data.
  6. Presentation skills : The  data analyst is responsible to present the reports to the senior management of organization. So he should be good in presentation skills.

These are some important but required skills of Data Analyst. If you want to find out the data analyst job you can find here.

Data Analyst Salary :

Everyone have question in mind about the average compensation details of data analyst. So I will try to reveal the salary of data analyst. The work of data analyst is not a simple work. Data analyst needs to analyze the data and gives the proper reports to higher management. From junior to senior level the salary of data analyst lies between $30000 / anum to $80000 /anum.I hope you like this article of data analyst job description. Kindly comment in to comment section for your suggestions.