Category: Roles and Responsibilities

This Category gives user the different roles with its responsibilities with one example of resume.The day today Roles and Responsibilities varies according to the position of software engineer. If he/She is tester the Roles and Responsibilities are different whereas developers have different kind of tasks to do.Support engineers needs to work on not only testing but also the development roles.


The Roles and Responsibilities of different roles are very important.Each one has given the set of roles and responsibilities and he/she should work accordingly. This category gives you different kind of roles and the proper responsibilities of that role.I have tried to explain the day to day task for that different roles in this category.The support people can not be able to do the development tasks and development people can not be able to to tester tasks.The set of people always interested to know about building the resume according to its role.So many people now a days jump from one technology to other technology.So the different roles are really important.This category will help the professionals as well as freshers to understand the roles as well as responsibilities with day to day tasks alligned to that specified role.

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