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IT Professional Resume :

In my previous articles i have explained mostly on different roles and responsibilities of different roles in IT.In this article i would like to give one sample resume which is common for IT Professional. I would like to explain different point of how to write a resume for any IT professional.IT Professional Resume should be resume for developer,tester or analyst.Just user needs to check for the new emerging technologies in the IT Professional Resume.User needs to consider the roles and responsibilities to write IT professional Resume.

How to design IT Professional Resume ?

Today is world of Information technology.The technologies are changing day by day.The IT jobs are also growing accordingly. Today’s competitive world it is not easy to grab IT job.User needs to grab the special technology to grab a new job.In this section i would like to give you some important Tips to design IT Professional Resume.I already explained that IT professional will be developer or tester or any role he or she is doing in firm.

There are some common tips to create resume for IT professional :

Step 1 : Writing Name Details  

Kindly Write following details in Bold letters

1.Write Full Name

2.Write Phone Number

3.Write Mail ID

Step 2 : Write about Summary

1.1.Write about Experience

The first point of writing the Summary of resume is to write the Working Experience.

Example :

Write statement like,

“5 Years of IT Industry experience in SQL Development,PLSQL development,
Reporting development and enhancement and support of application.”

1.2.Write about your skills you primary worked on.

The second point in writing summary is to write about the primary skills you are working on.

Example :

If user is best at using selenium tool then he/she should write about the selenium.

1.3.Write about Certifications

Specify about the important certifications in summary so that the interviewer will know about the skills and technologies you are working or worked on.

Example :

Write statement like,

“Oracle Certified Professional with A Grade”

1.4.Write about the awards and appreciations

User needs to specify about the awards and appreciations you get.This will impress the interviewer;but make sure that the awards are related to the technologies you are working on.Do not specify sports related awards and awards like other extra curricular activities.

Example :

Write statement like,

“Rewarded by Pat-On-Back annual award for excellence and accepting no limits”

Step 3 : Write about Technical Proficiency or Skills

The Third most important part for designing IT professional resume is write about a technical proficiency as well as skills.There are different ways to write your Technical Skills.

3.1. Platforms :

In this section user needs to write about the different platforms on which he/she has worked on.


Windows Vista , Linux ,Centos E.t.c.

3.2. Software and Tools :

In this section user needs to specify about the tools and software on which user worked on.

Example :

Microsoft Excel 2007 , Oracle SQL Developer , Toad , Java Eclipse

3.3.Languages Known :

In this section user needs to specify about the different programming Languages He/She has worked on.

Example :


Step 4 : Write About Professional Experience

The fourth important step is to write about professional experience with the projects and the designation in the project.For writing the professional experience user needs to take care of following.

4.1. Write Company Name :

The first step is to write the Company name.

4.2. Write about the Designation :

The second step is to write the designation of the Person whether He/She is developer,tester or analyst or any other designation.

4.3.Write about the Project in One Liner :

The third step is to write a single liner about your project.

4.4.Write about the Duration of the Project :

The duration of the project is most important and key part which user needs to specify in the project.

4.5.Roles and Responsibilities :

User needs to write the roles and responsibilities of the professional.In roles and responsibilities user needs to write the day-to-day activities.

IT Professional Resume

Step 5 : Educational Qualification

The fifth important step is to write about the educational qualification of the candidate.

Step 6 : Objective 

User needs to write the Objective in specific words.

Example :

To become an asset to my organization by using my skills to the best of ability and to learn
continuously for self-improvement and thus making further contribution in the growth of
the organization

Step 7 : Personal Details

In this section user needs to write the Personal information about the user.

7.1. Name of user

7.2. Address of User

7.3. Date of Birth

7.4. Nationality

7.5. Sex

7.6. Martial status

7.7. Language Known

These are some most important Steps of writing the IT Professional Resume.For different IT professionals there are different Resumes.

Different Resumes Of IT Professionals :

In this section I would like to give some important examples of resumes with different Roles in IT.



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I hope you like this article on IT Professional Resume. If you like this article or if you have some issues with same kindly comment in comments section.