Presentation Layer in RPD | What is Presentation Layer in OBIEE?

Presentation Layer in RPD:

In previous article we have studied the development of physical layer as well as development of Business Model Mapping layer. In this article we will study the development of presentation layer and its usages. Presentation layer provides a customized view of business model to the users. Presentation layer exposes only data which is meaningful to the user. It organizes data in a way that aligns with the users think about the data. This layer is third layer which provides the interface to the end users as well as report developers to develop the report or view the report. All column names in this layer is user understandable format which is related to the actual business logic.

Presentation Layer

Subject Areas are used in presentation layer which identifies the functionality of the business.

Developing Presentation Layer :

1.Create Subject Area :

First step of development of presentation layer is  to develop Subject Area.Subject Area is nothing but a data mart which identifies a functionality of Business.There are various ways creating subject area in presentation layer.

Method 1 :

Most common and simplest way to create subject area is directly dragging the BMM layer folder to presentation layer space.After dragging the folder user can add,remove,rename columns as per business functionality.

Method 2 :

Right Click on presentation layer —> New Subject Area

Using the simplest mechanical step you can create a subject area but while creation you need to map the business model.

2.Create Presentation Table :

One subject area have one or more presentation tables.while dragging and dropping the business model folder the presentation tables will come automatically and user just need to change its name as per the functionality because it will give the interface to report developers to develop the reports.

Once Subject area is created, right click on subject area → New Presentation table → in General tab, Enter name of presentation table → OK

Click the Permissions tab → Permissions dialog box, where you can assign user or group permissions to the table.

3.Creating Presentation Columns in Presentation Layer :

The name of presentation columns are normally same to the logical column names in the Business Model and Mapping layer. However, you can also enter a different name by unchecking Use Logical Column Name and the Display Custom Name in the Presentation Column dialog box.

When user drag and drops the Business Model from BMM layer to presentation layer the columns are automatically come to the presentation layer

Right-click on Presentation table in the Presentation layer → New Presentation Column.

Presentation Column dialog box appears. To use the name of the logical column, select the Use Logical Column checkbox.

Delete a Presentation Table

In the Presentation layer, right-click on subject Area → Presentation Catalog dialog box, click the Presentation Tables tab → Go to Presentation Tables tab, select a table and click Remove.

A confirmation message appears → Click Yes to remove the table or No to leave the table in the catalog → Click OK.

Move a Presentation Table

Go to Presentation Tables tab by a right-click on Subject Area → In the Name list, select the table you want to reorder → Use drag-and-drop to reposition the table or you can also use the Up and Down buttons to reorder the tables.

Delete a Presentation Column

Right-click on presentation table in the Presentation layer → Click on Properties → Click on the Columns tab → Select the column you want to delete → Click Remove or press the Delete key →Click Yes.

To Reorder a Presentation Column

Right-click on presentation table in the Presentation layer → Go to Properties → Click the Columns tab → Select the column you want to reorder → Use drag-and-drop or you can also click Up and Down button → Click OK.

What we studied ?

Presentation Layer Objects :

1.Subject Area

2.Presentation Table

3.Presentation Column

4.Hierarchy Object(I will explain later)

Hope user will get idea about the Presentation Layer in RPD.Please dont forget to comment in comment section.