ORA-01017: invalid username/password; |How to resolve ORA-01017 error?

ORA-01017: invalid username/password; logon denied :

In my previous articles, I have given the basic idea about the most common errors in Oracle. There are lot of common errors in oracle, which has been searched thousands of times on google.OrA-01017 is most common error which has been search approximately 15000 times on google.ORA-01017 is very common error occurred during the log in of oracle application. When user enters the wrong username and password system denies logging in and oracle fires the ORA-01017: invalid username/password error. That is not the only reason for which this error will come. There might be several possible reasons for this error like, permissions (grants), tnsnames.ora, improper connection string or configuration of sqlnet.ora file.

Why this error will come?

  The ORA-01017 error is another most common error that will come because of wrong username and password entry. Most of the times the user will get this error in spite of entering correct username and password. Following is the list of possible reasons of this error:

1.Wrong username or password:

The most possible reason of this error is entering wrong username or entering wrong password while connecting with the database.

2.Entering Incorrect user ID:

The userid must present in dba_users table.If the userid is not present in this table then the 01017 error will come.

3.ORACLE_SID parameters :

DBA needs to check ORACLE_SID parameters.If the ORACLE_SID parameters set to wrong system id this error will come

4.tnsnames.ora file issue :

Check the tnsnames.ora file to ensure that tns server will point to correct server.

5.External user authentication :

If you are using external OS user authentication then we need to verify the valid user id.



Resolution of this error:

User needs to check different parameters to resolve this error. Following are the possible resolutions of this error:

1.Enter correct username and password:

The first and most important possible solution to resolve this error is try entering correct username and password and try to connect the database server. Most of the times because of entering wrong password this error will come. Try altering password using following statement:


2.Privilege issue:

There might be the user privilege issue for that user. So try giving all privileges to the user, which you tires to connect. You can use following statement to give all privileges:

  Grant all to username;

3.Correct ORACLE_SID parameters :

ORACLE_SID parameter setting is also most critical part to resolve this error.So try setting correct system id for ORACLE_SID environmental parameters.

4.Check user is Entering correct username :

Most of times user is not entering correct username while connecting to the database. For checking the username use following statement :

Select user_name from dba_users where user_name=’Name of user entered to connect’;

5.External authentication user :

For external authentication user we need to connect the database using following statement :

User / password

Example :

Connect sys/as sysdba;

6.tnsnames.ora :

Check the connection string entered in tnsnames.ora. tnsnames should always point to correct server and correct instance.If user fails to insert correct instance name then userid and password may not exist in database. So check for correct instance is entered or not in tnsnames.ora file.