SQL PL SQL Quiz for Practice

Hello Friends Here is your SQL PL SQL Quiz for Practice where you require to give only your mail address and do the practice before the contest. It will be useful to refine your skills in SQL.

SQL Joins Quiz Competition Timings :15 Mins

  1. You Need to give the Email Address to complete the Quiz
  2. This is just SQL PL SQL Quiz for practice purpose.
  3. We require to complete the SQL quiz in 20 mins
  4. You will get separate mails for the Quiz.
  5. If you have any suggestions kindly comment in to comments section.


Welcome to your SQL PL SQL Basics Quiz :

Welcome to your SQL PLSQL Quiz

What is Long form of SQL?

Which of the following is not DML Statement?

Which of the following is DCL Statement?

Which of the following is not Transactional control statement?

What is PL SQL?

What is type of cursor?

What is Data?

What is not use of SQL?

What is not type of join?

True or False : The output of cross join and full outer join is same.

What is maximum length of variable name in oracle?

Which of the following is not PL SQL datatype?

What are maximum allowed characters in dbms_out.put_line?

Which of following statement used to update the data ?

What is query to insert the record in to table?

Which of the following statement contains an error?

True or false : Equi join is also called as inner join.

Which of following is not outer join?

Which statement is used to control transaction in Oracle SQL?

Which of the following is not numeric function?

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  2. Thanks Amit for your hard work and providing us with good source of practice and motivation

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