What is Full Form of PL SQL? PL SQL Full Form with simple examples

In my previous articles i have given the information about the anonymous block of PL SQL with multiple examples. In this article i would like to focus on what is full form of PL SQL with giving you its advantages and information about PL SQL. I would like to give you simple examples of PL SQL and will give you information about the basic PL SQL block in detail.

What you will find in this article:

What is Full Form of PL SQL?

Examples of PL SQL block

What is Full Form Of PL SQL?

PL SQL Full Form is Procedural Language Structured Query Language. The PL SQL is nothing but the extension to SQL which is used for programming purpose. You can say that PL SQL is programming language belongs to oracle which is used to add some programming features in the back end. In PL SQL we can include the data manipulation language and programming statements in to programming blocks where you can easily add the business logic.

Following are some bullet points we require to remember about PL SQL :

  1. All the PL SQL code has been stored in block structure so maintainace activity is quite easy than other programming languages.
  2. You can use variables, constants and datatypes in PLSQL.
  3. You can use multiple control structures as well as looping easily in PL SQL.
  4. You can write reusable program units that can written once but used again and again in adding business logic.

Real life industry example :

If you want to update the employee salary for 100 employees then you require to fire 100 different update queries. Instead of that if you write a procedure where you require to pass the employee id as parameter. This kind of code you need to write in PL SQL. The things will become easy and you can utilize that program again and again.

PL SQL Artchitecture :

PL SQL Environment

The above is the PL SQL Environment architecture. The PL SQL engine is separate engine where you can write the SQL statements in to the block.SQL is nothing but “What to do?” and PL SQL is about “How to do?”.

What are Benefits of PL SQL?

As i explained you the PL SQL long form is procedural language structured query language. There are following benefits of PL SQL.

1.Business Logic : You can embed the SQL in to PL SQL and add any business logic.

Example : You can add the business logic to check the customer id in mail format you require to add the business logic in SQL.

2.Performance Improvement :

There are so many features in PL SQL which can used to improve the performance of the system.

3.Modularized Program :

With PL SQL objects like procedures, functions, packages you can develop a program in modularized fashion.You can reuse the program.

4.Integration with tools :

You can use PL SQL in Oracle forms,reports so that you can use those tools to achieve a specified functionality.

5.PL SQL Programs are Portable:

You can utilize and execute the PL SQL programs anywhere where oracle server runs.

6.Exception Handling :

You can use PL SQL programs to handle the exceptions.

Example : You can easily handle the situation of dividing value by zero and handle the DIVIDE_BY_ZERO exception.

I hope you got the idea about PL SQL Full form and detailed information about PL SQL. If you like this article or if you have any concerns with the same kindly comment in comments section.

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