What are 4 dimensions of Service Management for ITIL? | Article 15

In my previous article i have given the detailed information about all the ITIL practices important for ITIL v4 foundation certification. In this article i would like to give more information about the 4 dimensions of Service management for ITIL with examples. You will get 1 or 2 questions related to 4 dimensions of ITIL in ITIL foundation certification examination. For interview purpose as well as understanding purpose the 4 dimensions of service management is very important topic.

What will you find in this article :

1.What are four dimensions of Service Management

2.Aspects of four dimensions of Service Management

4 Dimensions of service Management :

4 dimensions of Service Management
4 dimensions of Service management

There are following four dimensions which is used to create a value for the organization. The key purpose of these dimensions are to create a value for the organization :

  1. Organization and People
  2. Information and Technology
  3. Partners and suppliers
  4. Value streams and process

The outcome of these four dimensions is Value for organization. All these dimensions are connected to each other via multiple factors. These dimensions can not be changed. If you make changes in one dimension it will have triggering impact on other dimensions.

Example : Change in Information and Technology dimension. If we apply automation for the process for adding password to the application. This will impact organization and people. It will add the value to the organization and positively impacting it. It will also impact the partners and suppliers as well.

Dimension 1 : Organization and People :

The organization and people dimension will include the following things :

  1. Resource Management : This dimension will include the resource management. For example if we automate the process we require to check or remove the resource who is helping in manual process.
  2. Responsibilities of Resources : We need to give the correct roles are responsibilities to the resources in organization.
  3. Communication : The communication between organization and other people or stakeholders should be positive.
  4. Authority of System : Need to check about the system authority.

Dimension 2 : Information and Technology

The information technology dimension is also very important dimension which includes use of multiple systems with the correct communication. There are so many systems we are using in organization that will come in this dimension.

1.Comminication System

2.Logistics solution softwares

3.ERP Systems

4.Knowledge bases

5.Inventory system

6.Workflow systems

This dimension will include the technology considerations like what is vital information for management of service? How to protect that information ? and many more questions.

Dimension 3 : Partners and Suppliers

The third important dimension is partners and suppliers. In this dimension we need to check following things :

  1. Contracts and agreements with partners : The first important point is we require to check the contracts as well as agreements with partners and suppliers. We require to check these agreements are being followed by other companies or not.
  2. Relationship with other companies / Organizations : There is need to maintain good relationship between other organizations. This dimension includes the same.

Examples of Types of relationships are :

1.Supply partnership

2.Corporate partnership

3.Service Delivery partnership

4.HR Partnership

Dimension 4 :Value Stream and Processes :

This is another important dimension that will directly check about the value for the organization.

ØA series of steps that an organization undertake  to create and deliver value. A Value stream is a combination of value chain activities.

This dimension includes :

Ø How all parts of organization will help to add the value to organization?

ØWhat activity the organization undertakes and how they are organized?

ØHow Organization is enabling value creation for its stakeholders?

These are above 4 dimensions for service management for ITIL foundation exam. You will get one or two questions in the ITIL v4 foundation exam. I hope you like this article. If you like this article or if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in comments section.