ITIL v4 Foundation Mock Exam | ITIL v4 foundation Exam

In my previous articles i have given the information about ITIL process and its preparation articles. Our basic aim is to pass the ITIL v4 Foundation exam. In this article I would like to give you the Quiz or ITIL v4 Foundation Mock Exam which will have 60 mins timer.

Welcome to your ITIL v4 Foundation Exam - Practice Quiz

Which practice is responsble for moving the specific functionality to production server?

Which practice includes classification and ownership of queries and request from user?

What is primary use of change Schedule?

Which value stream will focus on activities and its coordination?

How does categorization of incidents assist the 'incident management' practice?

Which practice identifies metrics that reflect the customer's experience of a service?

What is definition of warrenty?

A service provider describes a package that includes a laptop with software, licences, and support. What is this package an example of?

What should be done first when applying the 'focus on value' guiding principle?

Which is a key consideration for the guiding principle 'keep it simple and practical'?

Which practice typically involves the implementation of problem resolution?

Which is not key focus area of information and technology dimension?

Which describes outcome?

What is output?

What is the definition of change?

What happens if a workaround becomes the permanent way of dealing with a problem that cannot be resolved cost-effectively?

What is a standard change?

Which guiding principle recommends organizing work into smaller, manageable sections that can be executed and completed in a timely manner?

Which is a recommendation of the 'service desk' practice?

Which ITIL concept describes governance?

How should an organization adopt continual improvement methods?

What is purpose of Service Desk practice?

What are the two types of cost that a service consumer should evaluate?

What is purpose statement of supplier Management?

Which statement about the value chain activities is CORRECT?

Which value chain activity ensures people understand the organization's vision?

Which practice has purpose of making new and changed services and features available to use?

Which statement about a change authority is CORRECT?

Which describes the nature of the guiding principles?

Which is not included as part of Incident Management?

Which guiding principle recommends collecting data before deciding what can be re-used?

Identify missing word from sentence : The purpose of Information security management is to ??? organization information

Which practice is responsibility of everyone in organization?

Which would be supported by the 'service request management' practice?

Which guiding principle recommends four dimensions of service management are considered

Which practice provides single point of contact for users?

Which role submits service request?

Which is a potential benefit of using an IT service management tool to support the 'incident management' practice?

Which is a key consideration for the guiding principle 'keep it simple and practical'?

Why should incidents be prioritized?

I hope you like this ITIL v4 Foundation Mock Exam with its answers. When you complete the exam you will get the answers as well as explanation of answers in detail. If you like this ITIL v4 Foundation Mock Exam or find it useful kindly comment in comments section and share it with everyone.

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