What are 5 scrum values with examples?

In my previous article I have given the multiple examples of scrum and scrum theory in detail. In this article i would like to elaborate more on different values of scrum mentioned in the scrum guide. I have already explained about the 3 pillars of scrum i.e. Transperancy,Inspection and Adaption in detail. These three pillars are important in scrum theory to ensure that team will work collaborative manner, team will have to respect each others decision and team have to adapt the change happened within or outside organization.In this article i would give you more information about 5 scrum values with examples.

5 Scrum Values :

As you know that scrum is a framework which is used to resolve complex adaptive problems to deliver the product productively and creatively. The scrum framework mostly dependent on the core values of scrum. The following are 5 Scrum Values :






I would like to give the examples and explanation of each value so that it will be easy for readers to understand.

Scrum Values

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Value 1 : Commitment :

The commitment is most important value of scrum where team should be committed to complete the sprint goals. There are three types of commitments for the scrum team.

1.Commitment towards sprint Goal : The most important is to complete and focus on the sprint goal.

2.Commitment as teamwork : The scrum theory is based on inspection and adaption strategies. Team should be committed to inspect the deliverables and needs to adapt the changes.

3.Commitment as yourself : As a part of scrum theory we require to give the best to achieve the scrum goal asap.

Example : If google needs to complete delivery of google doodle on daily basis and the team should be committed to deliver it on daily basis.

Value 2 : Courage :

The courage is another important factor of scrum framework. The scrum is about to take a risk and find the more optimal solution. Scrum team members have courage to do the right work and deal with complex problems. The scrum team have courage to work with tough problems.

Examples of Courage :

If we can see the google 15 years before and google today. Every team of google have showed the courage to implement multiple ideas which will improve google algorithms. One of the example of courage is google is doing daily deployments and one of the best example for it is google doodle.

Value 3 : Focus :

The scrum gives the new approach which is different than the traditional approach and all it is based on theory of empiricism. The scrum is following iterative and incremental approach and it gives the focus to complete sprint goal. Once the requirements for sprint are clear the goal has been created. The team as well as individual in scrum team have focus on the goal. If team have focus on the goal then it will impact positively on the product delivery.

Value 4 : Openness :

This is another important value of scrum. As we are working in cross functional team together the people from different teams needs to work together. The induction of sprint requires openness and gives all the knowledge to the team openly. Team members should have to be open towards work and progress.

Example :

In Facebook if we require to complete one functionality as a sprint. They have scrum team of 6 members which has different technical skills. Each should have to give the knowledge to the team members to achieve the goal.

Value 5 : Respect :

The respect is another important value of scrum where scrum team should respect the opinion of team members. Every team member should have right to present their opinion and not only product owner but also scrum master and team should have to respect the team members opinion to achieve the sprint goal. Scrum team should respect the colleagues ,their opinions and their experience.

These are above important values of scrum. I hope you like the article on 5 scrum values. If you like this article on 5 scrum values of if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in comments section.

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