What is History of ITIL?| Article 1

In my previous articles I have given the details about multiple SQL examples and its reference. I would like to start with new process and help you completing the ITIL Foundation certification. If you follow the articles one by one you will pass the ITIL certification. In this article i would like to start with History of ITIL. I will give you the example of ITIL and video as well.

History of ITIL :

The ITIL history starts from version 1 which is development framework version.

History of ITIL – Version 1 :

1.British Government has given task to Central Telecommunication  Agency (CCTA) to Develop the Framework.

2.The Version 1 for ITIL framework has been released with 30 different books in 1980.

1.The Second phase is ITIL version Acceptance in early 90’s.

2.The ITIL Version is accepted by government and nongovernment bodies in 90’s.

1. Microsoft used the ITIL framework to develop its own Microsoft operations framework.

History of ITIL – Version 2 :

1.The ITIL version 2 has launched by considering the growing IT needs and current market.

2.The Version 2 made service support more concise.

3.The Version 2 made service delivery more concise.

4.The following diagram gives you the actual architecture about ITIL version 2  Framework and its services.

History of ITIL
ITIL Version 2

History of ITIL – Version 3 :

1.ITIL version 3 has been launched in 2007 and is also called as ITIL refresh process.

2.ITIL version 3 gives best practices and processes that can be adopted to provide ITSM(IT service Management)

3.The fundamentals of ITIL version 3 includes ITIL Incident Management,ITIL Problem Management and ITIL Change management process.

1.The ITIL Version 3 is updated in 2011 with latest software service practices.

2.These practices focuses on continual service improvement.

ITIL Version 3

History of ITIL – Version 4 :

1.There are so many new practices are coming in to picture like Agile, Scrum and DevOps.

2.To adapt that practices ITIL version 4 has been launched in 2019 which are aligned with Lean, Agile and DevOps Practices.

3.The Focus is On Co-creation of value.

4.The ITIL Version 4 contains all the best practices, guidelines and processes but it has included 2 new approaches :

          1. Four Dimensional Model

          2.The Service value system.

5.These are highly customizable set of guidelines which are important to overcome the organizational level challenges.

YouTube Video:

History of ITIL

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