ITIL Definition | What is ITIL with Example? | Article 2

In my previous article I have given the history of ITIL process. In this article I would like to give you definition of ITIL with real life examples. In this article I would like you to give ITIL Definition with examples. You will get the simple ITIL Definition with the example in this article.

ITIL Definition :

1.British Government has first used the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) which is nothing but the set of best practices used in IT industry.

2.What exactly the best practices means? : ITIL is nothing but the collection of proven outcomes which are widely accepted in the world.

3.The best practices are Lean, Six sigma, Agile, Scrum, DevOps and many more.

Framework :

1.The framework is nothing but the foundation on which something is built whether it is a software or any simple building.

2.The framework is nothing but skeleton structure is built to provide the software services or to build the software.

3.The skeleton structure which provides integrity is called as framework. 4.Framework looks incomplete in nature but it is essential for software development and providing services to software.

5.Example : Lets say we need to build a ERP for Jeweler shop. The Software architect will design the architecture and some developers will design the prototype of software to present. That skeleton structure is called as Framework.

Guidelines :

1.ITIL provides you multiple rules that needs to be followed for software and service management.

2.The difference between guidelines are best practices are the guidelines you must need to follow and best practices you may follow for effectiveness.

3.ITIL  comes with set of guidelines and recommendations so you can follow that partially or fully according to the organization.

Things To remember :

Need Of ITIL :

1.ITIL has accepted and is accepting the current guidelines are practices in this constantly changing world.

Example :  Agile and DevOps are current practices which is aligned with ITIL in version 4.

1.ITIL focuses on value and the multiple guidelines will helps to cost optimization.

2.ITIL focuses on customer needs and cost and needs are managed by the service provider.

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