Definition of scrum with real industry examples

In my previous article i have given the idea about the Agile framework in detail. In this article i would like to give you definition of scrum with multiple real life industry examples. The definition of scrum will be useful in preparation of CSM ( Certified Scrum Master ) and PSM ( Professional Scrum Master examinations). I have referred the scrum guide in detail and created the content which is simple to understand to the user.

About Scrum Framework :

Before we go in to deep about understanding the definition of scrum we need to know more about the scrum. So what exactly the scrum is? The scrum is framework which is used for developing, sustaining and delivering the complex product.

Things to remember :

1. Scrum is a Framework

2.The Scrum framework utilized mainly in following tasks

a. Delivering the complex product

b. Developing a complex product

c. Sustaining the complex product

There might be another question about who is the father of scrum? The answer is – 1.Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

Definition of Scrum :

Before we start with definition of scrum framework we need to understand more about traditional software development model. In traditional software development model like waterfall model it was really difficult to deliver the product on time and there might be so many issues after the delivery. So Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland come up with some rules are regulations and designed the framework which is useful to resolve the complex problem for product development and delivers the product at highest possible value.

Before we discuss about the definition of scrum we need to understand about framework. So what is framework? Framework is basic structure for building the complex products or to deal with complex issues.According to scrum guide,

Scrum is nothing but a framework with using which people can address complex adaptive problems; using which the productivity and creativity delivering the product is at highest possible value.

The definition of scrum looks straightforward but i need to explain the definition of scrum with real world industry example.Before giving you the example of the scrum i would like to give some important pointers to remember about scrum.

  1. Scrum is not a specified process , not technique or it is not a definitive method; rather the scrum is a framework in which you can create your own processes and techniques which are useful to resolve the complex adaptive problems more easily.
  2. Scrum is very useful in continuous growth of the product
  3. Scrum is also useful to improve teams and working environments
  4. Scrum framework tactics are vary project or organization wise
  5. According to scrum guide scrum is , 1.lightweight, 2.Simple to understand 3. Difficult to master
  6. According to scrum guide Scrum consists of multiple scrum teams and their associated rules,roles,events and artifacts which is important for scrum success and usage.

The above points are very important points to remember when you try to understand definition of scrum. The understanding will be simple when you understand with real life example.

Definition of scrum

Real world industry example :

The google is the most successful product in the world. They are following the scrum within the team.They are not following the specified rules and regulations or neither they are following traditional software development concepts. When you see the 15 years before google search engine and google search engine now there is big difference. The user interface for google is very simple where you can search whatever you want. But now a days if you can see they have added the multiple features to the google in 15 years continuous development without any downtime. The features are really user centric and user friendly. They are following the scrum and their focus is to enhance the product creatively. They are tackling the complex problems in scrums rather than big deployments they are concentrating on small deployments. The best example of creativity is google doodle.(They might do deployment for daily basics with using scrum methodologies for the same).

I hope you get clear idea about the scrum definition with simple example. If you like this article or if you have any concerns of difficulties with the same kindly comment in comments section.

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