What are different uses of scrum with examples?

In my previous article i have given the definition for scrum with one real world industry example. I would like to explain the multiple uses of scrum with real industry examples. As we all know that the scrum framework initially used in 1990s or earlier to manage and develop the multiple products. The scrum is not only used in software industry but also it is been used in multiple complex problems. The essence of scrum is to deal with complex adaptive problem with using small -small teams and iterations. In this article i would like to throw light on how scrum was used in 1990’s and I will explain every uses of scrum with real industry example.

Uses of Scrum with examples :

In this section i would like to explain you different uses of scrum with real life industry examples. According to scrum guide following are different uses of scrum,

Use 1 : Research and identify the viable market,their technologies and product capabilities

The first use mentioned in scrum guide is scrum has been used in early 90’s to do the research and identifying the viable market. Also the scrum has been use to check multiple technologies and product capabilities of it.

Example : Microsoft Suit

The best example is microsoft suit. The microsoft suit is in early stages in early 90’s period. The microsoft company might have did some research related to market using scrum practices and developed and enhanced the product accordingly.

Use 2: Develop product and enhancements

The scrum has been used for development of multiple products and do the enhancements on it according to the market changes.

Example : Microsoft Suit

If you can see the microsoft suit product at 90’s and microsoft suit today. There is vast difference between it. The product remains same but multiple enhancements has been done in the period.

Use 3 : Release Product Enhancements as frequently many times per day

When user or organization wants to see continuous improvement on product we need to do the frequent deployments for adding multiple functionalities. The scrum framework gives you ability to do frequent deployments.

Example : Google doodle

If you can see the google doodle is changing on daily basis. This is best example of frequent deployments.

Use 4 : Develop and sustain the cloud which is online,secure and on-demand and other operational enviroments for product use

The scrum provides ability to develop and sustain the cloud .It provides the cloud which is online-secure and on demand for operational product use.

Example : Applications needs to migrate on cloud

Now a days so many application migrating on cloud. We can use scrum to check for continuous improvement.

Use 5 : Sustain and renew products

Now a days the demand from client is changing day by day. So to sustain and to do continuous improvement on products scrum is used.

Example : Uber application

The uber has enhanced the uber eats and other functionalities to sustain the product in market. It also uses the renewed product which is user friendly in nature.

uses of scrum
Uses of Scrum

These are above some important uses of scrum mentioned in the scrum guide. Apart from that now a days scrum is used in multiple situations,

Use of scrum in daily lives and individual ,societies :

The scrum is useful in developing software,hardware,embedded software, networks interacting function, autonomous vehicles,schools,government organizations,marketing,managing operations in organizations and almost everything we are using in our day to day life as individual and societies.

Handling complex problems :

Now a days the complexity of environment and market as well as technologies increased rapidly. The new technologies are coming on frequent basis which gives multiple new functionalities. The scrum’s utility has proven day to day basis to deal with such problems.

Knowledge Transfer :

The scrum has proven that it is useful for effective and incremental knowledge transfer. So now a days most of parent organizations are using scrum for managing the products, services and parent organization management.

Effective product delivery using small team :

In scrum we are focusing on small teams .The individual teams are highly flexible as well as adaptive. These strength are important for operating single,several and many networks of teams that develop,release,operate and sustain the work and work products with thousand people.

These are some most important uses of scrum. I hope this article will be useful for you. If you like this article or if you have any suggestions kindly comment in to comments section.

Reference : Scrum Guide

Link : https://www.scrum.org/resources/scrum-guide