ITIL 4 Foundation Exam | How to give ITIL 4 Foundation exam?

In my previous articles i have given information about history of ITIL and definition of ITIL with real examples. There is always question about ITIL 4 foundation exam with how to apply for ITIL 4 foundation exam and many more questions.

Topics for this article :

All about ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate :

◦The ITIL stands for IT infrastructure Library which are collection of multiple framework and best practices for delivering the IT services.

◦ITIL 4 foundation certification enables the candidates to study multiple practices which are very important in IT service management.

◦The ITIL 4 certification will provide the information about the best practices and end to end operating model for delivering the continual improvement on tech enabled products.

◦The ITIL 4 Foundation certificate is the basic certification which gives the correct information about the ITIL process and we can cover 15 practices of ITIL in this certification.

◦You can use the best practices in your organization to improve the quality and provide valued benefits to the organization.

Need of ITIL 4 Foundation Certificate :

◦In todays competitive world employer not only looking in to the knowledge but also asking for standard certification of knowledge you have.

◦ITIL foundation is basic certification asked by so many organizations in the world.

◦ITIL foundation certification is base to gain knowledge related to IT service management.

◦The guidelines are useful in your organization to improve quality and value of the organization.

◦The Certification can Help :

What you will learn in ITIL 4 Foundation Certification?

◦Basic concepts related to ITIL

◦Best Practices related to ITIL process

◦A holistic approach for facilitation for co-creation of value with customers and other stakeholders.

◦The guiding principles of ITIL

◦The four dimensions of Service Management

◦How to deliver the value to business using the Agile, DevOps concepts

◦Different ITIL processes with Examples

ITIL 4 Foundation Exam Format :

I hope with this article you will get information about the ITIL 4 Foundation certification in detail. If you like this article or if you have any concerns with the same kindly comment in comments section.