What is Definition of Service with examples? | Article 3

In my previous articles I have given the detailed description of ITIL foundation exam and some of the important concepts. I have described about history of ITIL as well. Kindly go through all the previous articles and then you can come to this article which is about definition of service with some examples. These are most basic concepts but these are very important concepts of ITIL Foundation examination. I would like to give you hints from this article to pass ITIL exam. The hints are simple words to remember.

Article Topics :

1.What is mean by Service?

2. Examples of Service

3.Service Management definition and examples

What is Definition of Service with Examples?

Definition of Service

The example is of Amazon.com where customer will buy the product on amazon website and the support team will quickly provide you support related to that product. As a customer you will see the value you are getting from amazon.com website whether it is urgent delievery, discounts on items or anything.

Keywords to remember : Value,Co-creation by facilitating outcome

Service Definition

The example is same where if you got faulty product from amazon.com but there are guidelines and rules where you can replace that item. The cost and risk can be managed by service provider of amazon whether that is shop or third party vendor.

Cost and risk

I hope you got better idea about service. For the exam purpose we require to remember the definition of service as well as examples.

What is Service Management?

1.The exam definition is quite difficult. So you can remember the keyword like , Specialized Organizational capabilities

2.IT service management(ITSM) is nothing but how you can manage a specified IT service.

3. Example of Service management is the same which we took in Service definition. The end to end services for Amazon might be managed by multiple vendors and teams.

Definition of Service Management

I hope you got the clear idea about the service definition with its examples. For exam purpose this topic is really very important. I hope you like this article. If you like this article or if you have any issues or concerns with the same kindly comment in to comments section.