What is incident Management Process with examples? |ITIL Article 8

In my previous articles I have given details about the ITIL 4 foundation examination . I have also thrown light on most important practice which is change management practice in previous article. I would like to give details about incident management process which is very helpful for ITIL 4 foundation exam.

Article will contain :

  1. What is Incident Management Process with example?
  2. Purpose Statement of Incident Management
  3. How to Trigger Incidents?
  4. Incident Management Best Practices

Incident Management Process :

The incident management process is nothing but the process for handling the incidents by the standard defined process. Before checking the process of incident management we require to check the Definition of incident.

Standard Definition of Incident for ITIL exam :

An Incident is an unplanned interruption or a reduction in the quality of service. Potential disruption/Potential reduction of quality of services.

Keywords to remember :

Unplanned interruption, Reduction

Example :

If you are facing issue sending message to particular user of WhatsApp. That will be the incident.

Purpose Statement of Incident Management :

The purpose of Incident Management is to minimize the negative impact of incidents by restoring normal service operations as quickly as possible.

Keywords to remember :

minimize the negative impact, restore normal services quickly

Process for Incident Management
Incident Management process

How to trigger incidents?

As we all know that incident is unwanted activity which will cause bad impact on the system. We require to find out ways to trigger the incident or get rid of the incidents. In this section I would like to give multiple ways to trigger incidents.

1.Productive Monitoring Techniques :

We require to use multiple monitoring tools to check the servers are well as application up time. This is first line of defense where we can avoid the incident.

Example :

There are so many monitoring tools in market like control M and Zenoss monitoring tools using which you can monitor the servers.

2.Manage End users via service desk :

We need to manage the end users via the service desk.

3.Operational issue management :

We require to define standard process to handle the operational issues.

4.Manage third party service :

The incident management practice needs to handle the third party service vendors.

5.Manage failed changes and Releases :

The change management process is always dependent on the incident management process. Incident management should capture the failed changes and releases and raise the incidents accordingly.

Best Practices of Incident Management :

ØEnsure that standardized methods and procedures are used for effective and prompt response, analysis, documentation, efficient management and reporting of incidents.

ØIncrease visibility and communication of incidents to business and IT support staff.

ØAlign incident management activities and priorities with the business strategy.

ØMaintain user satisfaction by maintaining the quality of IT services.

Incident Management Process YouTube :

Incident process

I hope you like this article. You will get 3-4 questions specifically on this incident process in ITIL 4 foundation exam. If you like this article or if you have any concerns with the same kindly comment in to comments section.