What is Problem Management ITIL process? |Article 8

In my previous articles i have given detailed level information about ITIL foundation exam. I have given detailed information about the incident management and ITIL process as well. In this article i would like to give more information about the another important process which is Problem Management ITIL process in detail. Like incident I would like to explain you about the problem and its purpose statement which is very useful for ITIL 4 foundation examination.

The article gives you information about :

1.Problem Management ITIL Process

2.Purpose Statements and Examples

3.Workaroud/Known Error

4.Phases of Problem Management

Problem Management ITIL Process :

There are some incidents which are important or you can call it as Major incidents. We need to analyze those incidents and give the root cause analysis for those incidents. ITIL defines a process for the same which is Problem management process using which user can tackle multiple problems. The first question in mind is What is mean by Problem and how it is seperate entity than the incident?

Definition for Problem :

A Cause or a potential cause of one or more incidents is called as ‘Problem’.

Keywords to remember :

Cause or Potential cause

The 2 or more incidents having one problem. The Incident to problem has many to one relationship. For ITIL foundation exam you require to understand the definition of problem and the purpose statement of problem.

Purpose statement for exam:  The Purpose of Problem Management is to reduce the likelihood and impact of incidents by identifying actual and potential causes of incidents and managing workarounds and known errors.

Keyword to remember :

reduce,Likelihood,impact of incidents, potential causes of incidents, workarounds and known errors.

What is mean by Workaround?

Workaround is a temporary solution that reduces or eliminates the impact of an incident or problem for which a full resolution is not yet available.

Example :

If some URL is not working for one of the user. The support engineer will give different working url then that solution is called as workaround.

What is mean by Known Error?

A Problem that has been analyzed but not yet resolved.

Example :

If some features are compatible with windows latest version and it will come in next week. Those features are not working as of now but those will work after new windows version upgrade then that is called as known error.

What are Problem Management Phases?

There are three phases of Problem Management Phases.

Problem Identification
Problem Identification
Problem Control
Problem Control
Error control
Error Control

Problem Identification : In this phase we need to identify the problem.

Problem Control : In this phase We require to do thorough root cause analysis.

Error Control : This phase will used for Error Management.

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