What are different ITIL Practices | Module 2 | Article 6

In my previous articles i have given the brief information about the multiple processes and practices for ITIL exam. In this article i would like to throw light on what is difference between processes and practices and what are different practices in ITIL. For the ITIL foundation exam purpose the 15 important different itil practices are there. We can discuss those practices briefly in next articles. Before going through the brief introduction about the processes and practices in detail we need to discuss about what exactly are different practices off ITIL process.

The article includes :

Difference between process and practice.

Types of ITIL practices

Practices for exam purpose

Difference between process and ITIL practices :

Everyone will have question in mind that what is mean by process and practice. The process is nothing but the the activity to achieve a specific purpose. This is fixed entity.

Practices are nothing but set of activities which we can change according to the benefit of organization. The key difference between process and practice is process is fixed and practices are agile in nature. We can modify it according to nature of business for organization benefits. We require to check multiple practices used in ITIL exam.

Types of ITIL Practice :

There are three types of practices in ITIL :

 1. Service Management Practices

2.General Management Practices

3.Technical Management Practices

ITIL Practices

Service Management practices :

We have already seen the Service in detail . There are following different service management ITIL practice . The practices which are in bold are important for ITIL Foundation examination.

§Availability management

§Business analysis

§Capacity and performance management

§* Change control

§* Incident management

§* IT asset management

§* Monitoring and event management

§* Problem management

§* Release management

§Service catalogue management

§* Service configuration management

§Service continuity management

§Service design

§* Service desk

§* Service level management

§* Service request management

§Service validation and testing

2.General Management Practices :

The following are important general management practices.

§Architecture management

§* Continual improvement

§* Information security management

§Knowledge management

§Measurement and reporting

§Organizational change management

§Portfolio management

§Project management

§* Relationship management

§Risk management

§Service financial management

§Strategy management

§* Supplier management

§Workforce and talent management

3.Technical Management Practices :

There are following technical management practices :

§* Deployment management

§Infrastructure and platform management

§Software development and management

These are different ITIL services which are important for the multiple ITIL foundation exam. But you will require to check following services in detailed level to pass ITIL 4 foundation exam.

1.Change Management

2.Incident Management

3.Problem Management

4.Service Desk

5.Service Level Management

6.Service Request Management

7.Continual Improvement

In next articles we will discuss these above practices in detail for ITIL foundation exam. Hope you like this article on Practices and in next articles we will discuss the practices in detailed level.