What is Service Offering ? | What is Service Relationship? | Article 6

In my previous articles I have given the information about ITIL foundation certification examination. I have also given the multiple examples of Service and basic concept about the ITIL processes. In this article i would like to throw light on service offerings in ITIL. and what exactly the service offering is with real life examples.

The article gives you information about :

  1. Service Offering
  2. Types of Service Offerings
  3. Service Relationship

Service Offering :

The Service offerings is nothing but the service commitments which defines the level of service in terms of availability,scope,pricing and other options. There are different types of Service offerings.

ØGoods  – The Ownership of service will be transfered from service provider to customer

Example: Mobile sold to a customer. Then all ownership will be transferred to customer unless issue will come and customer will use the mobile service.

ØAccess to Resource – These type of offering will be like resources will grant the access to service to customer under agreed term

Example: Subsciption based cloud app like Whatsapp.

ØService Actions – These kind of service offerings we require to perform some actions for providing service

Example: Password reset for gmail application.

Service Offering

If you can see above diagram you will get to know more about the service offering and service relationship. The service relationship is from Pune to Kolhapur and service offering is Buses from Pune to Kolhapur. The services are Food, Beverages and toiletries.

Service Relationship :

Definition of Service Relationship for exam :

A cooperation between a service provider and service consumer. 

Keywords to remember :


Service relationships include:

ØService Provision: The activities performed by an organization to provide services. Includes management of resources, configured to deliver the service, access to these resources for users, fulfillment of the agreed service actions, service performance management and continual improvement. It may also include the supply of goods.

Keyword to remember : Provide services.

ØService Consumption: The activities performed by an organization to consume services. Includes the management of the consumer’s resources needed to use the service, service use actions performed by users, and may include the receiving (acquiring) of goods.

Keyword to remember : Consume Services

ØService Relationship Management: The joint activities performed by a service provider and a service consumer to ensure continual value co-creation based on agreed and available service offerings.

Keyword to remember : The joint activities

I hope you like this article on service offering and service relationship. I would like to give you quiz related to ITIL in next articles. If you like this article or if any issues kindly comment in comments section.