What is definition of Stakeholder with examples? | Article 5

In my previous articles i have given the basic information about ITIL Certification,About basic concepts of ITIL and other vital information. These topics are very important points for the ITIL foundation examination. In this article i would like to give the information about the Stakeholder and different examples of stakeholders. There is always a question from the multiple users about what is mean by stakeholder and example of stakeholders. I would like to give you Definition of Stakeholder with examples.

Article Topics :

Definition of Stakeholder

Examples of Stakeholder

Definition of Stakeholder with Examples :

I would like to give you two different definitions – One is important for exams where you need to remember some keywords. The other definition I would like to give you for the understanding purpose.

Definition for Exam :

Anyone Who has interest in outcome or anyone who stands to win or loose something.

Keywords to Remember :

Interest in outcome

Stands to win or loose something

If you only remember the keywords you will get the correct definition of stakeholder.

Definition of Stakeholder

Definition for understanding :

Stakeholder is anyone who has interest in benefit or loss of the IT software service.

Definition for understanding

Stakeholders examples :

In this section I would like to give multiple examples of stakeholders. I would like to give the single liner statements for every stakeholders.

Organization :Organization is nothing but Group of people.

•Consumer : Consumers are people who consumes service.

•User: Users are people who uses service.

•Service Providers: Service providers who gives service.

•Sponsor :Sponsors are people who pays for service.

•Customer :Responsible for outcome and defines requirements.

These are above the examples of stakeholders. These stakeholder examples are very important in ITIL exams.You will get two to three questions in ITIL v4 foundation exam about stakeholders and examples of stakeholders.

These are above some examples of stakeholders. I have given the single liner information for every stakeholder. If you like this article on stakeholders or if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in comments section.