What is Service Desk ITIL Process ? | Article 9

In my previous article I have given the incident management, change management process information. In this article i would like to give information about Service Desk ITIL process. Service desk is key practice for every organization because with checking service desk users will make perception about the organization and its service management. The service desk is really very important practice for ITIL foundation exam as well.

The article will give you information about :

  1. What is service desk with purpose statement
  2. Objectives of Service Desk
  3. Responsibilities of Service desk

What is service desk with purpose statement of Service desk :

Service Desk Definition :

Service desk is single point of contact between users and organization or service provider. The service desk is important for making the perception about organization. The service desk will manage service requests, incidents and user communication as well. The service desk is also known as “Help Desk” which helps user to resolve information or communicate with specific team.

Service desk is single point of contact between users and organization or service provider.

Service Desk ITIL Process
Service Desk :Single point of contact

Purpose statement of Service desk :

The purpose of the Servicedesk practice is to capture demand for incident resolution and service requests. It should also be the point of communication for the service provider with all its users.

Keywords to remember :

Demand for incident resolution and service request, Single point of communication.

Objectives of Service desk :

In this section i would like to explain different objectives of service desk. The key objective of service desk ITIL process is to communicate with user and give the fast response to the user. Kindly check following objectives defined by ITIL :

  1. Service Operation Management :The key task of service desk is Restoring the “normal service operation” as quickly as possible in the case of disruption.
  2. Updates to Stakeholders :Service desk team members task is Providing timely and quality updates to all stakeholders
  3. Communicate with users about ongoing IT issues :Take steps to improve user awareness about ongoing IT issues and to promote appropriate use of IT services, components, and resources
  4. Escalating Incidents : Service desk people is assisting other ITSM processes and functions by escalating incidents and requests using defined procedures and maintaining effective communication channel.

Responsibilities of Service Desk ITIL Process :

In this section I would like to give information about responsibilities of service desk in detail level information.

Service desk person responsibilities
Qualities of Service Desk Executive

Logging incident : Logging all relevant Incident/Service Requests

Categorization of Incident : Categorization and Prioritization of Incident/Service Requests

Providing investigation information : Providing 1st line investigation and diagnosis, resolving incidents that they can resolve

Incident Escalation : Escalating incidents/service requests that cannot be resolved by Service Desk

Closing Resolved Incidents : Closing all resolved Incidents/Service requests

Conducting Surveys : Conducting User satisfaction surveys

Communication : Communicating with users by keeping them informed about the updates related to incidents/service requests.

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These are most important points to pass ITIL V4 Foundation examination. You will get 2-4 questions on service desk. You need to go through it thoroughly and resolve the questions properly. If you like this article or if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in to comments section.