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In my previous articles i have given information about many practices of ITIL : Incident Management, Change Management , Service desk, Problem management etc.. These are most important topics for ITIL V4 foundation certification. In this article I would like to explain another important practice for ITIL V4 Foundation exam : Service Request Management Practice with examples.

What you will find in this article ?

1.What is Definition of Service Request Management with Purpose Statement

2.Service Request Phases

3.Service Request Categories

4.Service request best practices

What is Definition of Service Request Management Practice with Purpose Statement?

In this section I would like to give the definition and purpose statement. We can start with ITIL Service request definition and Some examples of Service requests.

Definition of Service Request :

A service request is a request from a user or user’s authorized representative that initiates a service action that has been agreed as a normal part of service delivery.

Examples of Service Request :

ØPassword Reset

ØInstallation of a Software

ØPrinter Configuration

ØRequest for access to a Shared Drive

ØProviding Access to applications

ØOutlook Configuration

Purpose Statement for Service Request Management :  The purpose of the service request management practice is to support the agreed quality of a service by handling all pre-defined, user-initiated service requests in an effective and user-friendly manner.

Keywords to remember :

service request,pre-defined, user-initiated

Service Request Categories :

Service Request Management
Service Request Categories

Service Request Process :

Service Request Management Practice
Service Request Management Practice

The service request process will contain the different phases :

Initiation Phase : In this phase user can initiate the service request

Approval : We need to approve the process for completing the service request on time.

Fulfilment : In this phase you can fulfil the service request with its purpose.

Service Request Management Best Practices :

These are following best practices for service request management :

Workflows : Service request may have simple or complex workflows.

Known method :Steps to fulfill requests should be well-known and proven

Fulfilment time: Fulfillment time should be agreed based on how long it will take realistically to fulfill the request.

Automation :Self-Service & Automation should be leveraged as much as possible.

Reusing existing workflow model : Existing workflow models should be used whenever possible.

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These best practices are also important for ITIL V4 exam. You will get 1-3 questions in ITIL V4 foundation exam. If you like this article or if you have any issues with the same kindly comment in comments section.